June 13, 2024

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The wettest, the wettest, the wettest.  Heavy rain strikes again – weather news

The wettest, the wettest, the wettest. Heavy rain strikes again – weather news

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Yesterday at 2:00 PM – Jorvas LugtenburgOne comment

With about a week to go before the spring meteorological season ends, the justifiable conclusion is that spring is particularly wet. On Friday and Saturday it rained again, and now it’s the southwest’s turn. It also causes farmers a lot of work and headache every week.

The picture has become sad, but almost familiar: flooded plots of land and farmers digging ditches trying to drain excess water.

Also today, the rain was concentrated in West Brabant.

May is on track to become the wettest month since measurements began in 1906. In De Bilt, 97mm had fallen as of May 24, compared to the normal of 59mm. However, there have already been several local cases. More than average rain fell in March and April.

Source: KNMI

Comparison is regularly made with 1983. Then 284 mm fell in the spring. According to meteorologists, the current spring season is on its way out with an expected rainfall of about 250 mm. A wet spring does not mean that a wet summer will follow. The summer of 1983 was among the ten warmest summers since 1901, and also ended up in the five driest summers.

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It’s not just humid in the Netherlands. Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are also experiencing wet conditions. This may hold some hope for the growing season that has just begun.

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Jorvas Lugtenburg

He is an editor at Boerenbusiness and mainly focuses on the arable agriculture, feed and energy market sectors. Jurphaas also owns an arable farm in Voorne-Putten (South Holland). Each week offers flash market grains