June 12, 2024

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There are 265 new billionaires this year: these are the most eye-catching names

There are 265 new billionaires this year: these are the most eye-catching names

List of new billionaires Forbes It contains at least 265 new billionaires this year. This is significant progress considering there were only 150 new names on the list last year. These newcomers also include many famous and prominent billionaires.

The popular business website is released every year Forbes With a list of all billionaires. This year contained more names than ever before, because at least 2,781 people can call themselves billionaires. This includes 265 newcomers from many different industries.

  • Together, these new arrivals represent $510 billion (€470 billion).
  • Italian Andrea Pignataro He is the richest newcomer in the newly published list. It ranks 65th with a value of $27.5 billion (25 billion euros). Pignataro, 53, is the founder and CEO of London-based financial data and technology company ION Group. He also made many other investments.
  • More than half of newcomers are called that Self-made billionaires. Others inherited their wealth.
  • the Manufacturing sector It brought in the highest number of new billionaires this year, i.e. 46. This is followed by the technology sector (38 newcomers) and finance, cryptocurrencies and investing (37 newcomers).

32 different countries

265 new names on ForbesThe list comes from 32 different countries.

  • the United State Lead the dance with 67 new billionaires. The richest American newcomer among them is Todd Graves, the 52-year-old founder of fast food chain Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. Graves came up with the plan to make the chain while studying at the prestigious Louisiana State University, but was prevented from doing so. Meanwhile, Raising Cane's has about 700 restaurants and is one of the fastest growing chains. Todd Graves' wealth currently stands at $9.1 billion (€8.4 billion).
  • NBA legend and businessman Earvin “Magic” Johnson He is undoubtedly the most famous American newcomer. He is also one of the few (former) athletes on the list.
  • China That would have 31 new billionaires. Maggie Guo, Molly Miao, and Ren Xiaoqing From fast fashion giant Sheen, they are the richest new entrants with an estimated fortune of $4.2 billion (€3.9 billion).
  • India It comes in third place with 25 new billionaires. The richest of these Renuka Jagtiani ($4.8 billion), who inherited e-commerce company Landmark Group from her late husband, Mickey Jagtiani.
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46 new women

Of the 265 new billionaires, 46 are women.

  • The richest among them are the Swedish sisters Sofia Hojbjerg-Shorling and Marta Shorling-Andren, daughters of the late investor Melker Shorling, with each of them having a fortune of $5.6 billion.
  • The most famous newcomer is undoubtedly Taylor Swift. The 34-year-old pop star owes her wealth mainly to her huge success.Tour of the ages'.