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These 5 riders can keep Van Aert and Evenepoel from World Championship test medals |  cycling world championship

These 5 riders can keep Van Aert and Evenepoel from World Championship test medals | cycling world championship

“I want to be on the podium with Wout van Aert after the World Cup experience,” Remco Evenepoel said recently. Deal. But what speed demons have to jump off the scaffold on Sunday? House commentator Jose de Coeur explains the top 5 competitors for the Belgian duo.

1. Filippo Gana: The defending champion

In recent years, Filippo Gana has dominated the time trial stage. And as the world champion, he’ll also want to sell his rainbow jersey dearly on Sunday.

“Jana is and remains the biggest competitor to our Belgians,” José de Coeur says right away. “The Italian has lost almost no time in trials in recent seasons.”

“Although I would like to stress that ‘almost,’ it wouldn’t be the first time he had been beaten by Wout van Aert. Also at the last European Championship he was “only” 2 in front of his fans. He had never imagined it before.”

“Meanwhile, he still has 10 days to work, but the main question is whether this will be enough to allow his austere regime to bear fruit. He is the man to be conquered, but above all a man to be conquered.”

Does Jana have to hand over his rainbow shirt on Sunday?

2. Stefan Kung: The Man in Shape

It was Stefan Kung who dealt a blow to Jana at the European Championships. However, the Swiss accelerator is already dreaming of more. “I am happy to replace my European shirt with a rainbow shirt,” he said at his press conference.

“Küng is indeed the man to shine for this world championship. With his trial title in Europe lengthened, he will confidently descend upon our country.”

“The Swiss is also one of the greatest suit specialists. At 27, he’s ready for an even bigger title. He’s not too young, not too old, and above all he has a lot of experience.”

De Kauer concludes: “He’s also just a very good rider who sits well on his test bike. Can King Küng follow in the footsteps of fellow countryman and multi-time trial champion Fabian Cancellara on Sunday?

King Kong boosted confidence after his second consecutive European title.

3. Kasper Asgreen: The new Kiryjenka?

Kasper Asgreen’s big engine can play an important role in this long cycle. The Danish diesel engine finished seventh in the European Championship and will have about twenty kilometers more on Sunday to improve its great lung capacity.

De Kauer also believes that “Asgreen is a dangerous customer”. “Long stretches, an accident-free track, and many kilometers are bacon for a Dane’s mouth.”

Because of the loops on the course, riders will also have to play a game with the wind on Sunday. “Asgreen can do that. With his narrow shoulders, his windshield is somewhat limited. Just as with Koning Aerodynamica Remco Evenepoel, this would play a huge advantage.”

“The Tour of Flanders winner is thus one of the men who could surprise in this World Cup against the clock. It wouldn’t be the first time an outside player had a World Cup gold medal hanging around his neck, just think of Vasyl Kerenka (2015) .”

Will Kasper Asgren surprise us again? As if winning an RVV in a sprint against an MVDP isn’t enough for one season.

4 – Remy Cavagna: “The Strange Bird”

The French sent patriot Remy Cavagna to the battlefield. The Deceuninck-Quick Step TGV is a time trial scene puzzle. He has already won the Tour de Romandie and Poland on the clock this year, but his volatility is still prevalent at the moment.

“The Cavagna is just a strange bird,” says de Coeur. “The French can be really weird sometimes. Now give it a try. If he doesn’t fly to the decor in there on the last corner, he’s going to win it.”

“He still sometimes makes rookie mistakes by overtaking himself at the start of the race, for example. You shouldn’t make such mistakes in judgment as a time trainee, especially at this level.”

“But don’t underestimate him. He has those days when he can put his mind to zero and keep pushing. I expect something from him.”

Giroud’s time trial in Milan was too long for Remy Cavagna.

5. Edoardo Affini: Time Trials Specialist with The Authority

José De Cauwer also pushes another pawn from the experimental school of Jumbo-Visma: Edoardo Affini. According to De Cauwer, the Italian time trial specialist will have the chance of his life in our country.

“Aveni is fully engaged in the time-tested craft. For him it has become almost a full-time profession. This is in stark contrast to men who still want to show themselves in all areas. The Italian specializes in singing.”

“It was also presented with a tailor-made course in West Flanders. Avene is not the lightest time trial run. If a rider of his stature wanted to ride for a place on a podium at the World Cup this year it would have to happen: altimeters are nothing here.”

Can Avene ‘That Other Italian’ Get Out of Gana’s Shadow on Sunday?

Who else should I monitor?

Küng isn’t the only quick Stefan on the Swiss Army Knife. also fellow Stefan BisigHe is You can go on a quick trip.

However, the World Cup medal looks very ambitious according to José de Kauer: “Béseiger is rather a short-trial guy. We’ve seen that also in the European Championships. He’s a boy for the future.”

Moreover Max and Shedd This year’s time trial vehicle crashed. The German “sprinter” for team Qhubeka NextHash actually became fifth in the European Championships last week.

The course also looks a little too long for him on Sunday, but his stormy development still stands out. “The time trials in this year’s Giro were one of his first adventures against the clock,” says De Cauwer. “He did really well right away with sixth and eighth places.”

Other names to look for: Joseph CernyAnd Brandon McNultyAnd Ethan Hayter How does that happen Tadej Pojjakar For the day in the Belgian billiards area?

Trial time Trial men: Sunday, September 19

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