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These are the 2022 VAB family cars |  Leader

These are the 2022 VAB family cars | Leader

No fewer than 38 cars competed for the VAB Family Car of the Year title. The family jury—which appeared one year ago—had a striking preference for broken cars this year, according to mobility organization VAB in a press release. Along with a professional jury, the winner was chosen in three categories. Among the winners are Dacia Sandero Stepway, Toyota Corolla Touring Sports and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

After the light of closing threw a wrench into the works last year, elections can be held again this year with the presence of the family jury and a test weekend can be organized once again. “Important,” says VAB, “because what makes this election so unique is the users’ own judgment. They often look at a car with very different eyes and put their own accents to the assessment.”

Thus, the family jury’s evaluation is half the points. The other half is divided between the professional jury (30 percent) and the cost-kilometre rate arrangement (20 percent).

Chinese cars

Last year for the first time a car a Chinese car brand was selected as one of the winners. This year, significantly more Chinese brands registered in the election for the first time, it seems. “Although they couldn’t make it onto the podium this time around, some of the models played a big role in the competition. FAB says families, paying attention to how much value they get for their money, handed out points to newcomers.

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The winners

In the first category, cars up to 22 thousand euros, Dacia Sandero Stepway The winner was crowned, mainly due to the “unbeatable price”. The jury report learned that “the family jury also noted the good comfortable seats and excellent engine.” With the LPG engine, the Sandero Stepway was also able to offer the most favorable cost-kilometre price tag (0.21 euros).

Toyota Yaris and Citroen C3 Aircross came in second and third, respectively.

Istanbul, Turkey – February 6, 2020: Dacia Sandero is a compact car jointly produced by the French manufacturer Renault. © Shutterstock

For cars up to 34,000 euros, Class 2, Toyota Corolla Touring Sports It was ranked #1 as an “affordable, low-consumption hybrid that offers peace of mind thanks to a five-year warranty”. Renault Arkana and Suzuki Swayze completed the podium.

D Toyota Corolla Touring Sports.

D Toyota Corolla Touring Sports. © Shutterstock

Finally, a winner was chosen in the Electricity category. “Never before have so many different models participated in this category,” declares VAB. In the end Hyundai Ioniq 5 I walk with the win. It appears that “Hyundai Ioniq 5 regularly receives the most points from both judges”. Not only did the design convince many families and judges, but fast charging was also a plus for many.

Dacia Spring and Volkswagen ID.4 also scored well enough for a podium place.

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