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These are the five main differences

These are the five main differences

OnePlus 11 is coming, but the cheaper OnePlus 10T is still on sale. Are you hesitating between these two smartphones? We list the five main differences in our comparison between OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 10T.

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OnePlus 11 vs OnePlus 10T: Comparison

OnePlus Don’t let weed grow over it. Already on January 4, the company presented its flagship for 2023: OnePlus 11. On February 7, we will hear when the device will be launched in the Netherlands. The brand’s previous (almost) high-end phone, which is OnePlus 10TYou can also just order. In many ways, the phones are quite similar, but of course there are differences as well. In OnePlus 11 vs OnePlus 10T, we list the most important.

1. Hardware

OnePlus 11 is one of the first smartphones to feature this Snapdragon 8 Gen 2chip. This is the fastest processor at the moment, and it’s also more economical than the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 in the OnePlus 10T. Whether you will notice the difference in daily use is questionable. Both are fast chips with which you can easily play the most difficult games. At most, the OnePlus 11 will maintain its speed a little longer in the future.

OnePlus 11

Something to watch out for: The entry-level OnePlus 11 model has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The OnePlus 10T comes with only 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There is also a variant with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, but of course you pay extra for that.

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Another important difference: the OnePlus 10T was the first high-end smartphone from the company that had to do without a wake-up charger. This allows you to easily switch between sound profiles: silent, vibrate, or sound. Fortunately, this is simply there again on the OnePlus 11.

2. Design and screen

The OnePlus 10T looked a lot like it OnePlus 10 Pro, although it is less lavishly executed. The OnePlus 11 has a different face: the rectangular camera island has been replaced with a round one. This one looks funnier and in our opinion prettier too.

Both smartphones have a 6.7 inch AMOLED display that displays beautiful colors and very good contrast. OnePlus 11 has a higher resolution of 3216 x 1440 pixels. The 10T gets stuck at 2412 x 1080 pixels. Unless you have hawk eyes, this variation isn’t very exciting in practice.

OnePlus 10T review
OnePlus 10T

The refresh rate is also the same at 120Hz. So the phones offer a very smooth viewing experience. The OnePlus 11 has a fully adaptive screen that returns to 1Hz when displaying static content. This saves battery power. The OnePlus 10T can only switch back to 60 or 90Hz, so its options are limited.

3. Cameras

OnePlus obviously underused the cameras when designing the 10T. You get an excellent 50MP main camera, but the 8MP wide-angle lens is a disappointment. The 2MP macro camera is unnecessary due to the low resolution. They are exactly the same cameras that are much cheaper OnePlus North 2T She also has it on board.

OnePlus 11 does better: the main camera also has a resolution of 50 megapixels, but it has a more modern sensor. You can take wide pictures with the 48MP wide-angle lens. You can also zoom in: a 32-megapixel telephoto lens brings the image closer twice. For the enthusiastic photographer, the OnePlus 11 is clearly a better choice.

4. Batteries and charge rate

There is one area where the OnePlus 10T is objectively better than the newer OnePlus 11: charging speed. The 10T has a 150W charger with which the device is fully charged in 20 minutes. OnePlus 11 is only about 100 watts. You can also pump your device full of fresh battery juice in about 25 minutes. The difference is not huge, but it is there.

The OnePlus 11 has a 5,000mAh battery, while the OnePlus 10T hogs in at 4,800mAh. The former also has a slightly more efficient processor. So the OnePlus 11’s battery life is likely to be slightly better.

5. Software and pricing

The OnePlus 10T ran out of the box Android 12 It has been updated to December 2022 Android 13. You will receive a total of three version upgrades, so you can also count on Android 14 and 15 in the future. In addition, you will receive regular security updates for four years, until the summer of 2026, that block hackers.

OnePlus 11 photos
OnePlus 11

At the end of 2022, OnePlus announced the release of Improved update policy in a. Select models will receive four new versions of Android and five years of security patches. We’re not sure yet, but that probably applies to the OnePlus 11 as well. Since the device runs Android 13 out of the box, you’re ready for Android 17. You can also expect security updates until early 2028 (!) if you want to use your smartphone for a while. Long, the OnePlus 11 has an advantage.

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Then the price. The OnePlus 10T with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage has a suggested retail price of €699. You can now get it for less than 600 euros. It is not yet clear what the OnePlus 11 will cost in the Netherlands. There are indications that it may be a bit cheaper than its predecessor, the OnePlus 10 Pro. Its suggested retail price was €899 in the Netherlands. However, this is not yet certain.

Are you going for the OnePlus 11 or do you think the OnePlus 10T is good enough? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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