April 17, 2024

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“These complaints are also caused by stress.”

“These complaints are also caused by stress.”

High breathing, faster heart rate, feeling like you can't keep all the balls up: you probably recognize this feeling. It is not surprising, because nowadays both the environment and we expect a lot from ourselves. bee Physical complaints due to stress or exhaustion A psychosomatic physiotherapist such as Stefan de Gley can help.

“Likes Psychological physiotherapist “I deal with complaints that arise from long-term stress, such as pain, fatigue and muscle tension,” Stefan explains. It also pays attention to the relationship between your mental and physical health.

The relationship between body and mind

If you come to Stefan because you are experiencing a lot of stress, he will look beyond your physical complaints. It delves deeper into the roots of stress-related problems that the patient is unaware of. “We focus not only on posture and musculoskeletal system, but also on psychological complaints such as depression, fatigue and sleep problems.”

His goal? Helping patients recover and also giving them insight into how to function better structurally.

Current problem

Healers Physio Almelo We increasingly see Millennials – those aged 25 to 45: a generation accustomed to the constant pressure to perform and the challenges of the digital age. “Research shows that about a quarter of them suffer from fatigue complaints,” says Stefan.

They suffer from stress that accumulates due to, among other things, excessive use of smartphones and constant stimuli. “We look at the factors that cause this stress and prevent people from falling into the same trap.”

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One of the treatment rooms Photo: Physio Almelo

Unknown symptoms of stress

He lists a number of complaints for which you may not immediately contact a physiotherapist: “Forgetfulness, lack of concentration, shortness of breath and pressure in the chest are some examples. Stress can also lead to stomach and intestinal complaints, which are often not related to stress.

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The added value of psychosomatic physical therapy

“I was treating classic complaints such as shoulder and back pain using the traditional method of exercise. In some cases I treated the symptoms, but not the problem. Psychosomatic physiotherapy looks at the deeper layers of what is going on. It is inspiring to give people an insight into unconscious habits.

He works closely with other medical experts, such as psychologists. “We have direct contact with other caregivers. Through multidisciplinary consultations, we contribute to good recovery and the elimination of complaints.

Successful operation

According to the psychophysiotherapist, the key to successful treatment lies in the patient's participation in his own recovery process. “When they feel more energy, can recognize stress signals and achieve their goals, then for me the process is considered successful. They can then function better in daily life.

Experience balance too

Psychosomatic physical therapy at Fysio Almelo In addition to therapy, it is a way to change unconscious habits. Are you curious about how this approach can help you? book an appointment To start your own path to balance.