February 28, 2024

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“They said I might have one year left. Ten if I'm lucky”: Doctors discover three tumors in my genti peronete |  Ltd

“They said I might have one year left. Ten if I'm lucky”: Doctors discover three tumors in my genti peronete | Ltd

LtdOn Thursday and Friday, Ginty Perrone (32) will play with his band Portland in Roma in Antwerp. The fact that he's there is a huge victory, because the musician was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. In HUMO, the musician now tells his story in detail for the first time about the difficult diagnosis and his recovery. “The doctors told me I would never make a full recovery.”

It will be a special week for Jente Pironet. For the first time in eight months he returns to the stage with his band Portland, at the Roma Concert Hall in Antwerp. He admits to something he's very nervous about in HUMO. So this is not something Pironet has seen in recent months. For example, singer Sarah Peebles announced in March of last year that she was leaving Portland. That hit Pironet hard, he says in “HUMO.” “I felt so bad, so sad, I was lost. Soon I started having panic attacks all the time.

Very aggressive tumors

It turns out that they have not only a mental reason. An MRI scan – just days before Rock Werchter 2023 – showed Pironet had brain cancer. “They found three very aggressive tumors,” she said. “At first it was said I might only have one year left. Ten if I was lucky. And he was lucky. Miraculously, the chemotherapy worked.

Jente Pironet played at Rock Werchter last year. Shortly before he was told he had brain cancer. © Peter Jan Vanstockstraeten / PhotoNews

Pironet doesn't want to say if he's really okay in the meantime. “Every night I have nightmares and heart palpitations. “I can't live without medication and chemotherapy,” he said. “I'm currently dreading a mountain of follow-up treatments. I haven't finished chemo yet and will have another scan in two weeks.

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It never healed

However, Pironi maintains – as much as possible – his courage. “From the beginning, the doctors told me that I could not be declared completely cured. At most, I could camp 'steadily outside the danger zone'. But that's already too much, isn't it? There are a lot of people – diabetics, for example – who suffer from… Medical relief. Then I should be able to do that as well.

You can read the full interview with JENTE PIRONET in HUMO.

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