December 4, 2023

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This is how effective face masks were during the Corona pandemic

This is how effective face masks were during the Corona pandemic

On trains, planes or at the doctor’s office, we have had to wear face masks everywhere during the Corona pandemic. And everyone seemed to understand this: opponents were sure that these face masks did not stop the virus, but fortunately there were also many supporters, because face masks actually protect against Covid-19.

This is clear now Great general study. Face masks provide important protection against viruses that spread through the respiratory system, researchers, among others, write Stanford University. The discussion about the effectiveness of face masks arose in part from a focus on randomized research — where participants are divided into an intervention group and a control group — but researchers point out that many public health measures are never examined in this way. There have been several high-quality studies that have shown that face masks significantly reduce the spread of the virus in public places. This evidence should ensure that we use face masks again in the future in the event of a major virus outbreak.

Conclusive evidence
“We looked at more than forty studies conducted using seven different methodologies. The studies generally compared the amount of SARS-CoV-2 infections in people who wore face masks in different settings versus people who did not,” says Tom Frieden, director of research at UCLA. They do it. Determination to save lives And former director of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on “These studies are direct measurements of infection rates in different groups and provide consistent, clear and convincing evidence of the effectiveness of face masks.”

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Very effective
But exactly how effective are face masks? “The extent to which the number of infections decreases depends on several factors, such as the severity of the spread of the virus, where it is spreading, the type of Corona it is related to, and the number of people wearing face masks,” Frieden explains. “If people consistently wore face masks, the risk of spreading infection was reduced by 30 to 70 percent in most studies. In cases where more people were consistently wearing face masks or the face masks were of higher quality, the numbers were higher. Proven Face masks are very effective for those who have already been infected with Corona: “If an infected person wears a face mask indoors when there are others nearby, the chance of that person transmitting the virus to others is greatly reduced.”

It is not necessary outdoors
According to the researcher, the evidence from dozens of studies is clear. “Face masks reduce the chance of spreading Covid and reduce your risk of infection. Face masks are especially important for sick or elderly people, just as they are indoors or in poorly ventilated spaces. Wearing a face mask outdoors, as has been mandatory in some countries European countries during the Corona crisis, it is not necessary. “There is very little spread of the Corona virus outdoors. There are exceptions, for example when there are a large number of people together and there is little fresh air. But in most outdoor places, such as walking in Garden, the chance of spreading Covid is very small.

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Weak research and partisan politics
Therefore, studies leave no room for misunderstanding: face masks protect against Corona. How can there be so much discussion about its usefulness in the time of Corona? “Unfortunately, research on the effectiveness of face masks has been undermined by poorly managed analysis and partisan politics,” says the American scientist. “It is important to distinguish between the two functions of a face mask: it must protect the person wearing it and protect those around them from the person. Another term for this is personal protection versus source control. If a person with coronavirus wears a face mask, this greatly reduces the amount of virus they spread, protecting the people around them. Since about half of the coronavirus is spread by people who don’t feel sick at all, widespread use of face masks in public can effectively prevent the spread of the disease. For personal protection, a high-quality face mask, such as an N95 or KN95, will serve the wearer best, especially if it fits properly and is worn consistently.

There is no reason to discuss
The researchers were particularly surprised that there was still so much discussion about the effectiveness of face masks. “The data is clear: If someone with COVID-19 wears a face mask, they are many times less likely to infect another person, and if someone is exposed to the coronavirus, it significantly reduces their risk,” Frieden reiterates. “Our analysis has documented that the findings from many types of studies are consistent. This includes laboratory studies, but also different types of real-world research. The results show that face masks prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition, masks provide High-quality face shields, such as N95, provide better protection, provided they are worn correctly and continuously.

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