May 28, 2024

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This is the new Mega Mindy

This is the new Mega Mindy

This isn’t the first time Lotte Stevens has taken on the role of Mega Mindy. During the fifteen years of the superhero existence that I sometimes fell into. Lotte Stevens can also be seen in the Ketnet series Anchor, where she played Flo. In addition, the popular young actress has experience in various musicals. “I think it’s cool to be playing Mega Mindy on the stage show,” Lotte Stevens says. “She is a superhero for many children. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful adventure in all respects.”

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The Mega Mindy Theater Show, a production by Studio 100, can be watched from March 2022 and contains blockbusters such as Time for Mega Mindy. The famous superhero is facing another difficult task, but she is doing everything in her power to make sure that justice is served. Of course she gets help from her good friend Mega Toby.

It is not yet known who will play the role of Mega Toby. Studio 100 will open registration from today for actors who want to audition for this superhero.

Interested parties can register via:

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