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“This is the new shade for smoky eyes.”  Beauty expert Sophie’s tips: 3 party makeup trends |  Nina

“This is the new shade for smoky eyes.” Beauty expert Sophie’s tips: 3 party makeup trends | Nina

Leading up to Christmas, our company, playlist and holiday menu (did someone say gourmet?) often stay the same. Fortunately, your makeup can be a little different this year. All three of these Christmas classics come in a new festive form. “Smoky eyes? Forget black, in 2023 choose a separate color like blue, purple or green.

Holidays are a gift in themselves for creatures of habit. Once again on fireEverything I want to ChristmasFrom the boxes, we unwrap the same gifts over and over again (another Bongo voucher or Rituals package), and each time the Duchess of Poms gets a little burned, just like a joke. And every year we look for inspiration in the same party looks from last year. Makes sense, because it’s a classic for a reason. Although you can do things a little differently this year by putting a modern twist on party classics. Enjoy the party!

Lipstick is Little black dress Under makeup. Always in fashion and always festive. From bright red to deep burgundy: there are so many nuances that everyone can find a favorite – but the shade of 2023 is cherry red. But how do you find a red lipstick that will survive an aperitif and a three-course meal? Simple: find the right formula.

Matte textures last longer, but can dry out lips. Fortunately, with good technique, you can also eat undisturbed throughout the evening without having to reapply: Apply a layer of red lipstick and then dab the color on a napkin. Apply a layer of translucent powder over that and your lipstick won’t go anywhere.

Are you a beginner, short on time or want to give this classic game a modern twist? This is how you do it

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Red lips so scary? Stain is the perfect solution: Since this formula gets absorbed into the lips, you don’t need to touch them, and they look so much smoother. a The perfect red lips In two minutes? Also possible: You can work very precisely with a pencil. Follow the outline of your lips, then color them in, and you’re done!

Give this classic style a modern twist with a high gloss finish. This can be done with a red gloss, although a layer of Vaseline or oil over your red lipstick does exactly the same thing.

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1. ClarenceComforting Lip Oil in Strawberry – €29 price Clarins.com
2. MAC Cosmetics24 Hour Kiss Lock in True Ruby – €36 maccosmetics.be
3. The Body ShopSheer Touch Lip & Cheek Tint in Power – €12 Body Shop
4. MaybellineSuperstay Fountain Pen in Hustle in Heels – €12.59 Tuesday

Did you know that smokey eyes have been a crowd favorite since 1920? Not coincidentally, at the same time as the first Hollywood films were coming out. To avoid appearing in black and white photos as if they had holes instead of eyes, the actresses enhanced their looks with black eyeliner. The sexy look was instantly a hit with the general public. Today it remains a classic.

The fun part is that you can make it as difficult or easy as you want: Start by applying a dark, cream base all over the eyelid, then blend upwards for a smoky effect. You can apply additional color in the middle of your eyelid – preferably patting it in with your fingertips – for added depth.

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This way you can also give yourself a sexy smoky look

Choose brown instead of black as a base. He is less harsh and more tolerant. Draw a line above the lash line using an eye shadow pencil and draw a V at the outer corner of the eye. Just blend it with a brush or your fingers, and you’re done!

In 2023, everything can be nice and messy – as if you’ve slept with it all night – and preferably in a special color like blue, purple or green. The trick is also to color the upper and lower waterline.

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1. ChanelLumiere Graphics – 75 euros chanel.com
2. Victoria BeckhamGlitter Member in Midnight Color – €38 price victoriabeckhambeauty.com
3. LancômeOmbre Hypnôse Stylo in Bleu Nuit – €29.50 in ICI Paris XL
4. KikoLong Lasting Eyeshadow Stick – €6.99 Kiko Milano

Glitter is like the top of a Christmas tree or the Christmas box on your holiday list: as indispensable as it is a symbol of the end of the year. Whether on your lips, eyes, nails or cheeks: glitter is there way to go An instant festive touch. Glitter is best used with a special primer: this way it will stay put all evening (and night).

With a sparkling look at the party table? This is how you do it

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Use ready-made eyeshadow instead of loose glitter. Nowadays, there are many liquid and cream to powder formulas that give you just as much shine on Giving, without the mess. Application works better with your fingertips than with a brush. Would you rather not mess around with glitter that ends up everywhere except where you want it? Try the glitter gel: thanks to its water-based formula, you can easily apply it to the skin or eyes.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pollution underneath that beautiful shiny layer. Many glitters are microplastics, which are tiny plastic particles that don’t break down and end up in nature (and our bodies). Although it has been banned in the EU since October 15, brands will be given a 12-month transition period. But it is better to immediately choose an environmentally friendly alternative, such as bioluminescence. These glitters are made from natural minerals or plant cellulose and are biodegradable. And as beautiful!

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1. Rowen11:11 Eyeshadow Palette – €52 price rheine.be
2. BeautificationMidnight shades in colored lab coat – 17 euros sephora.fr
3. NixGlitter Primer €9.95 at Tuesday
4. The essencemulti-colored eyeshadow layer – priced at 3.95 euros boozyshop.be

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