June 8, 2023

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This is the true identity of the women that Putin has put forward as the "mothers of Russian soldiers".  Ukraine and Russia war

This is the true identity of the women that Putin has put forward as the “mothers of Russian soldiers”. Ukraine and Russia war

“Don’t believe everything you see on TV and the Internet.” This is the advice given by Russian President Vladimir Putin Yesterday at a meeting With the mothers of Russian soldiers fighting on the front in Ukraine. And he was right, because the meeting turned out to be a pre-recorded hoax. The women sitting at the table were hand-picked former government officials, politicians from his party, and even national directors. Overview.


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Можем объяснить, Meduza, BBC

The meeting with the “mothers of Russian soldiers” took place on Friday in Novo-Ogaryovo, a suburb of Putin west of Moscow. To leave nothing to chance, the meeting was pre-recorded. All participants turned out to be loyal allies of the president and most importantly sat next to him.


To the left of Putin – in a brown jacket – was a director Olesya Chygina to see. She is known for her patriotic films. One of them is “The Road”, and it’s about two friends who take a trip across Russia. They travel from Moscow to Russky in the far east, a small island south of Vladivostok. Along the way they stop at monasteries, stay with Russian families and paint a picture of how Russia lived. Recently, propaganda videos have been circulating on social media praising the war in Ukraine.

To the left of Shigina – in the black dress with a white collar – sat Nadezhda Uzunova. Three years ago, she was still a consultant on domestic politics in the Russian Republic of Khakassia. She is currently the president of the “Brotherhood of Warriors”. This is a government-funded pro-war organization that collects humanitarian aid for massed soldiers.

Marina Migunova – who was also invited by Putin yesterday – is also in that organization. She is also a member of the Orekhovo-Zueva City Public Chamber, a body that monitors government activities.

He sat to the right of Putin – in a black headscarf Zharadat Agueva, a member of the Chechen aristocracy. Her sons are senior security officials fighting in Ukraine. It is about Ismail and Rustem Ageev. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov repeatedly praised Ismail’s “heroic deeds” via the Telegram messaging service and repeatedly referred to Rustam as his “brother”.



He also sat down at the table Olga BeltsevaHe is a Moscow official and a member of United Russia, Putin’s party; Irina greetsHe is an official in the Tuva Autonomous Republic; And the Yulia Belikova. The latter is the chairman of the Moscow Region Executive Committee of the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF), a coalition of pro-government political parties and movements. In 2016, she was on the electoral list of United Russia for the State Duma, but was unsuccessful.

It is not clear whether all the women at the table had children fighting in Ukraine, according to the independent Russian news site Meduza.


Families of the Russians mobilized described the conversation as a farce intended to assuage the population’s anger at the war in Ukraine. “Vladimir Putin, are you a man or what?” said Olga Tsukanova of the Council of Mothers and Women, an organization that asked the government to stop mobilization and send soldiers home. Her 20-year-old son was called. “Do you have the courage to look us in the eyes, not to choose mothers and wives in the system’s enclave, but real women who have traveled here from different cities to meet you?”

Families of Russian soldiers accuse Putin of mocking them: “We are waiting for your answer, or are you going to hide again?”

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