April 16, 2024

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This is the worst sleeping position

This is the worst sleeping position

On your side, back, stomach, fetal position, or with your arms and legs spread apart. We all have our favorite position when we go to sleep. But if this sleep expert believes us, the only situation is the worst of all.

Sleeping posture expert James Leinhardt reveals on TikTok the disastrous state of your joints. He calls this a “car crash” for sleeping positions. Which is… sleeping on your stomach.

bad post? Sleep on your stomach

According to a sleep expert, this position is not good for your body. “You twist your neck all the way, you lift your head and you fight all the natural curves of your spine. You compress your vertebrae and you get neck pain and back pain. But you do it every night,” says Lenhardt.

The sleep expert confirms that people do this out of habit, because the position on the stomach is not considered relaxing in itself. Your body is used to this position and your brain associates this position with sleep. “But the minute you fall asleep, you start tossing and turning because you’re in an uncomfortable position.”


The award for worst sleeping position goes to…stomach sleep👎 # Oh, Lord #bad habits # Tale

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Good kisses

The sleeping position expert swears by buying a good pillow. And for a good pillow, you have to take a number of things into consideration, according to him.

  • The pillow should fill the space between the tip of your ear and the tip of your shoulder.
  • How about a pillow between your legs? At the height of your knees and ankles. This pillow supports your hip.
  • The “hug pillow” also ensures that you lie flat and don’t roll around.

More about sleep

Speaking of our sleep at night, hypnotherapist and sleep expert Dipti Trait previously explained why we wake up from bad dreams. And do you know what is the ideal length for a power nap? And according to research, there is a way to mitigate the ill effects of sleep deprivation.

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This is the worst sleeping position

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