May 24, 2024

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This new feature of WhatsApp will come to your iPhone in 2023

In 2023, WhatsApp finally gets a new feature we’ve been waiting for for a long time: picture-in-picture support! This allows you to open and use other apps while on a video call. The conversation then appears in a small window on the screen, as you go through it in its entirety Iphone scripts.

New WhatsApp feature 2023: Picture in Picture

Earlier this month, the picture-in-picture feature was spotted by committed WhatsApp beta testers. Now Meta — the parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp — has announced itself, via an article on Facebook website. It says that they are currently testing the new feature, and that WhatsApp hopes to launch it in 2023.

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Picture-in-picture support is something WhatsApp users have been waiting for for a long time. Although it’s somewhat surprising that it took so long, especially since the app has 2 billion users and apps like FaceTime have had the functionality for the longest. So it remains to be guessed as to why it took so long.

WhatsApp in 2022

New WhatsApp feature 2023

In the same article, WhatsApp also looks at all the features introduced last year. How many of them do you already know? There are quite a few of them:

  • Conversations with 32 participantsOn your smartphone, you can now make video or audio calls with up to 32 people – four times more than before.
  • Send an individual message or mute someone in a group chat: When you long press on someone in a group chat, they will zoom in. You can then mute that participant or send them an individual message while the conversation is in progress.
  • Send a link to a group chat: Whether you’re planning a last-minute conversation or thinking ahead, you can easily invite someone to a group chat by sending a link.
  • colorful waves: Quickly identify who is talking when the cameras are not in use.
  • notices: Get notified as soon as someone joins a group chat.
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More new features

By the way, WhatsApp released another big new feature last week: Avatars. These are DIY cartoon dolls. Make these your profile picture or send them as fun stickers. It can be compared to Apple’s Memojis, in other words. If you want to setup these WhatsApp Avatars, We did this step by step.

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