June 5, 2023

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Three defeats for Leroen Bekeur

Three defeats for Leroen Bekeur

In the Optima file, former CEO Jeroen Piqueur has drawn the short straw three times before the Court of Appeals until further notice.

Jeroen Piqueur, the former CEO of the Optima wealth scheme – which also included the bankrupt former Optima Bank – is facing several legal setbacks.

The Court of Appeal confirmed the bankruptcy of the management company Jeroen Bekeure, Emako Nevada. In another judgment, Piceur’s personal bankruptcy was also confirmed, and in another judgment, Piceur was not covered by a commitment of €20 million. This also relates to a ruling at the level of the Court of Appeal.

According to coordinator Hans de Meyer of Optima Bank, these are three important victories, but above all moral victories. She is now looking into the further path of the criminal file. The Public Prosecutor’s Office had previously requested that fourteen parties be referred to the Criminal Court. However, the defense requested additional investigative measures.

However, the ruling regarding Jeroen Becqueur’s €20 million commitment is not unimportant. This commitment came in light of the strong insistence of the regulator, the National Bank. Bekeure had to ensure that Optima Bank was financially strengthened.

According to Pickeur, he had to make this commitment. The union fought in vain. His wife, Benedict Schumacher, also objected to the agreement.

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