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Tirreno-Adriatico live stream: Van der Poel and Pidcock fired, will Van Aert play?  |  Tirino – Adriatic 2023

Tirreno-Adriatico live stream: Van der Poel and Pidcock fired, will Van Aert play? | Tirino – Adriatic 2023

Tirreno – Adriatico: Stage 4

road racing road racingdry 20Celsiusdistance 218 how much
location 10:41: Greccio – 15:57: Tortoretto

Until now15 km

After a time trial and two sprinter stages, Tirreno-Adriatico opts for the heavy work of the day. The final, longer stage ends with a local loop, which is cut 3 times. The Glade is a deceptive 3km promontory that also serves as the access to Tortoreto. Which drill is flying into the eagle’s nest?

  1. 3:18 p.m. Another 15 kilometers. Quinn Simmons tries to keep everyone in check about fellow regional Giulio Ciccone. The last hectometer is slightly flattened. No Italian mouth bacon, but from Wout van Aert? & nbsp; .
  2. At 15:16. The last round! It’s time for the final round. The weapons are silent and the first group – again only about 40 men – look at each other. Looks like Julian Alaphilippe has a little more to spare. & nbsp; .
  3. 15:15 Wout van Aert is working perfectly at the moment. He holds well in fifth place. .
  4. 15h13. Also off the bedcock. The damage is not as great as with Julien Alaphilippe’s shot in the previous round, but suddenly we see another bird that is no longer flapping: Tom Pidcock’s cracks. .
  5. 3 p.m. 12. December Van der Poel. Number 1 falls again: it is definitely finished with Mathieu van der Poel. .
  6. 15:11 The platoon, or what was left, was drawn by the French on a long strip. Quentin Basher does it in the service of Valentine Madwas. & nbsp; .
  7. It’s 10:15. Zone man Giulio Ciccone lets his Trek mates blanch on the second climb. Groupama-FDJ doesn’t like it: They’re blasting the attack drum again. & nbsp; .
  8. 15:07 Biniam Girmay caught Mathieu van der Poel’s wheel, but the same laws apply to him as well. Another 22km: after 2km the climb will start again. & nbsp; .
  9. 15:05 Van der Poel returns. The truss with Van der Poel picks up the pieces, but it still looks like a death sentence. On the previous climb it was a flawless pass from the Dutchman. & nbsp; .
  10. 15 hours 03. Almost deleted it in the message below. Jumbo-Visma leads by seven, and Magnus Sheffield and Tom Pidcock also return. & nbsp; .
  11. 15 hours 01. People will join us again in the more tender part of this circle, but if it explodes again later, they will of course be cannon fodder. Attila Walther takes the lead. Jumbo Visma is almost complete. & nbsp; .
  12. 15 hours. Less than 30 kilometers from the finish, the first group still had about 40 men, and the biggest absentees: Van der Poel, Jermay and Pidcock. Forget those first two comebacks, maybe the Brit can patch something up. & nbsp; .
  13. 2:58 p.m. Tom Pidcock also missed the beat. Was he surprised Julian Alaphilippe opened up so early or did he clog up his legs? .
  14. At 14:57. The first set is now being mixed by Maglia azzurra. The white shirt, Magnus Sheffield, is not with us and that is a really big gap. .
  15. It’s 14:55. Julian Alaphilippe did a lot of damage, but we still saw a group of 30+ riders. Wout van Aert pulls the lead: yellow classification leaders along. & nbsp; .
  16. 14 hours 53. Not for Van der Poel. It clumps together again. Matthew van der Poel has been released and has made no attempt to return. & nbsp; .
  17. 14h 52. Adam Yates goes in search of Lulu, and Woot Van Art slips into the wheel of the British car. All three made it to the end, but there were still candidates. & nbsp; .
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