April 23, 2024

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Toby Alderweireld is not happy with the red used for the header: “Shouldn't we be standing like sheep in the field?”

Toby Alderweireld is not happy with the red used for the header: “Shouldn't we be standing like sheep in the field?”

A red card at the end of a strong first half had Antwerp bloodied. The Great Old lost control of the match in Anderlecht after the end of the first half due to a 'kick to the head' incident. Therefore, Toby Alderweireld does not understand the decision to send Vendal to the dressing room. “It's just a little reflex that's being used impatiently,” says the captain.

“The only correct decision at that point is not to give a red signal.”

This is Toby Alderweireld's ruling on the incident that occurred between Wendal and Hazard in the first match of the Champions League qualifiers.

“The referee didn't do it either, but his judgment was exaggerated. It's not a header, it's a small reaction that is used with passion. For me, this is never a red card.”

The Antwerp captain believes this is unfortunate, which underscores the intensity of the final stage of the competition.

“It's the first game in the qualifiers. Then you know there's tension, it's part of it. The referee feels more like this game, while the VAR is sitting behind the screen.”

We shouldn't stand around like 22 sheep in the field, right? This is what football is evolving into in this way.

Toby Alderweireld

So Alderweireld is also frustrated about the match he “shouldn't lose” at Anderlecht.

“We shouldn't be like 22 sheep on the field, right? That's how football develops,” he sighs.

“I don't think that's true, but it's good. I think we're playing one of our best games in the first half of the season. Anderlecht had no answer to our game, we were in complete control.”

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He added, “The title will of course be very difficult, but you have to gain confidence from the first half with you. We dominated the match here, and it is a shame that we came here to lose.”

Motivation is enough for the remaining nine matches.