March 4, 2024

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Tom Meeusen driving his last cross in Essen: “I’m quitting, this time for real” | Cyclocross

Tom Meeusen’s crossover career is over. The 34-year-old got down to business for his people in Essen on Saturday. He would like to give his best at the end of the year. “But I have to be honest with myself. I’m quitting.”

The time Tom Meeusen competed at the front and won the World Cup, Superprestige or GVA/BPost/DVV Trophy is years behind us.

Between 2010 and 2016 he had 20 victories and was also good at bronze and silver at the Belgian Championships. He was nicknamed the Ice King, because he was good on snow and ice – in 2010 he beat Sven Nys in the snow at the World Cup in Kalmthout.

Technically, he was an exceptional talent, but the great engine of Wout van Aert or Mathieu van der Poel was not part of it. This bothered him.

In recent years he’s been in the second plan with occasional matches, but winning is no longer possible for Meeusen, except for that accidental in Oisterwijk in October 2021.

This season the veterans started excellently with a 5th-place finish at Polderscross in Kruibeke, their first cross of the season, and were also allowed to participate in the World Cup finals in the United States.

But at the end of October he crashed into a tree at the evening cross in Woerden and suffered a cramp. He wanted to stop then and was able to start a bike shop, but his team manager at Deschacht-Group Hens-Maes Containers was able to convince him.

Tom Meeusen in his last cross for Essen on Saturday.

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Thank you for the good years.

He wanted to give everything a little more time and experience at the end of the year period and then decide about 2023 and his future. A podium finish in Essen the day before yesterday, where he lost several top players to the World Cup in Dublin and internships, could have convinced him to continue.

But after missing at the start he was eighth, one minute behind winner Gerben Kuipers. They are misinformed.

He had said last week: “If I can no longer go on, I will keep that honor to myself. But it will not be accompanied by a great farewell party. I do not need so many shows.”

Today he put his money where his mouth is with a short message on Instagram: “I’m quitting. This time for real, thanks everyone for the beautiful years.”

“I tried to turn the tide in Essen, but I have to be honest with myself. The limit is over, I’ve been able to stop in silence with many people I love around me. Thank you for the beautiful years.”

He already predicted his team. Corné van Kessel will fill the void left by Meeusen from January 1.

I’ve been able to pause in silence with many of the people I love around me

Tom Meeusen’s last post:

His honor list includes:

  • BC Promises 2008 in Hofstad
  • Final winner GVA Trophy, Superprestige and World Cup U23 2009-10
  • Two professional victories in the World Cup: Kalmthout 2010 and Nomai 2014
  • 4 professional victories in Superprestige: Gitten 2010, Hoogstraten 2012, Middelkirk 2014 and Rudderford 2014
  • 3 professional victories in the GVA / Bpost / DVV: Lille 2012, Copenberg Cross 2013 and Lowenhout 2015
  • Grapecross Overijse 2014