April 22, 2024

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Tom Weiss in breach of ‘The Flanders Story’: ‘Money was necessary to make this program’ |  showbiz

Tom Weiss in breach of ‘The Flanders Story’: ‘Money was necessary to make this program’ | showbiz

televisionOn Sunday evening, Tom Waes (54) immersed viewers in One On Our Flemish History. No expense was spared for the “Flanders Tale” documentary series. But that’s exactly where the shoe pinches, according to some. The program has already received a lot of criticism. But the presenter on duty rushes to his defense in the “appointment”. “For me, it’s all about people who can learn something from him.”

The new documentary series “The Story of Flanders” is causing quite a stir. Even before the first episode aired on January 1, there was already outrage over the more than €2m Flemish subsidies that the new program had received. Furthermore, the documentary series will also “promote Flemish identity”, but according to Tom Weiss, this claim is in no way true. exactly the contrary. The series does nothing but glorify Flemish history. In “The Appointment” he expressly responds to the criticisms. “I don’t think the series promotes a Flemish identity. People have had a say in this for a long time, even before it came out on television. We’ve just made ten interesting episodes about what happened in our Flemish region. In the course of the episodes, it will become clear to us that we shouldn’t To be proud of the fact that we are Flemings.”

Weiss further stresses that the educational factor is of paramount importance to him. “We made a show for viewers. That was about 1,680,000 last week. Then there’s a bunch of journalists voicing their opinions and then there’s politicians interacting on both sides. One says it promotes identity, the other thinks it’s outrageous. Everybody He has his own interpretation, but for me it’s all about people who can learn something from him.” He goes on to talk about the many messages he gets from people on Instagram, in which they thank him. That the program ensures, among other things, that their son or daughter is crawling in front of the TV or that they have learned something new. “this makes me happy.”

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Lots of grants

But the presenter does not hide the fact that many subsidies went to the program. There have already been a lot of subsidies. It’s no secret.” “It was necessary to create an expensive program for a small market. We wouldn’t have done this without that money.”

He understands the criticism that the support money could have been put to better use. There is already a significant lack of education and childcare. I understand that. More money has to be spent there, but you can’t compare it. ” He continues: There are 3.8 billion euros for education. Of this amount, 400 thousand euros go to the “Flanders Story”. It is announced that the program will be permanently included in the school curriculum. It can be used for twenty Another year. So this €400,000 is really just a piece of cake.”

a look. Tom Weiss presents “The Tale of Flanders”.

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