June 18, 2024

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Tomorrow is D-day for Austria: Will there be a nationwide shutdown of non-vaccinators?  |  Corona virus what you need to know

Tomorrow is D-day for Austria: Will there be a nationwide shutdown of non-vaccinators? | Corona virus what you need to know

The nine Austrian federal states seem to be in broad agreement about imposing far-reaching restrictions on the unvaccinated population. This was reported by APA news agency, a day before the planned summit meeting on the Corona crisis.

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Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and Health Minister Wolfgang Mochstein will hold a video meeting with heads of state tomorrow. During the consultation, they hope to reach an agreement to impose a lockdown on residents who have not been vaccinated against the Corona virus. It is likely that Parliament will approve the required regulation for this purpose tomorrow evening.

Today, a new daily record of more than 13,000 corona infections was recorded in Austria. In addition, the country’s vaccination rate is 65 percent. This is much lower than in most other Western European countries.

2G base

Because of the rapid increase in infections, people who are not immune in Austria are increasingly facing restrictive measures. For example, the so-called 2G rule was introduced this week. This means that only people who have been vaccinated or cured have access to, among other things, catering establishments, hairdressers and events with more than 25 visitors. There is a four-week transition period, during which a single injection and a PCR test are also sufficient.

‘Need more clarity’

The states of Salzburg and Upper Austria announced yesterday that they will switch to non-vaccinated closures after the weekend. According to the APA, which has spoken to several governors and mayors, a large number of regional governments appear to be in favor of imposing a nationwide lockdown. Here and there are still some regional leaders who believe more clarity is needed first, including how the lockdown will be implemented.

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How strict?

It is expected that unvaccinated people will only be allowed to leave the house to meet their daily needs, to work or to seek help. Sampling will reportedly be conducted. The goal is clear: We want to give the green light to a national shutdown of people who haven’t been vaccinated. “We’re really taking that step right now,” Schallenberg said.

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