May 26, 2024

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Tomorrowland gets permit for three weekends in 2022 (local)

Tomorrowland gets permit for three weekends in 2022 (local)

Tomorrowland received a permit from the province of Antwerp to organize a one-time festival for three weekends (instead of two) in 2022. A number of conditions were attached to the permit, which came from consultation with the neighbourhood. Tomorrowland is pleased and says she will abide by the terms.

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Tomorrowland had placed an order in September for three festival weekends in 2022, in its own words to partially offset the massive losses caused by the 2020 and 2021 editions that were canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. Both the county and the municipal authorities of Bomme and Romst have indicated that they are not reluctant to do so, provided good agreements are made regarding, among other things, mobility and noise pollution. The statement is now a reality.

“We are of course very happy with this,” says Debbie Wilmsen, a spokeswoman for Tomorrowland. “Now we can start preparing for three weekends. They will all fall in July. We will work in the same way as in two versions, that is, with the necessary differences on the label.”

Conditions include cancellation of our helicopter rides, early closure of The Gathering inaugural party at the campsite, and agreements for mobility, fireworks and accessibility. “These are points that came from the consultation with the neighborhood,” Wilmsen says. “So we were aware of this and we will abide by those agreements.”

Practical details for Tomorrowland 2022 will be revealed soon.

Municipal authorities: “Once!”

Municipal councils in Baum and Romest say they will take note of the county’s decision in an initial response. “Both local authorities have already demonstrated an understanding of the economic imperative that the company felt was able to recoup additional income,” said Mayor Jeroen Burt (Bohm) and Jürgen Calarts (Romst). “That was of course only one side of the story, for us it was important that the organization basically enter into a dialogue with the neighborhood and other actors and that adequate briefing measures are organized.”

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The mayors stress that the one-off nature of the issue is enshrined in a charter and that there are clear agreements on a number of concerns from local residents. “It goes without saying that we as a local government will honor the environmental permit issued and will in particular ensure compliance with all promised accompanying measures, so that this one-off special release can be made with the utmost respect for our residents,” it still seemed. “All of this, of course, is still in a climate where the pandemic will determine in particular what is feasible and what is not.”