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Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021 on Androidworld

Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021 on Androidworld

Yesterday I read the most read reviews of the past year and this time it’s all the other articles’ turn. What articles have you spent the most time on Androidworld in recent months? You’ll discover it in this annual overview.

1. Read deleted messages in WhatsApp

You will soon notice that you will hear more about WhatsApp in this article. using the app Notification history log In April we discussed how you can still read the content of deleted apps. If you take into account the reactions of that article, you will notice that this article was discussed a lot, but at the same time it was the most read article of the year.

2. Fear of inactive WhatsApp accounts

There has been a lot of talk this year about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and people have been unhappy for a while He started working heavily with Signal and Telegram. At one point, there was talk that WhatsApp might block users from accessing if they didn’t agree to the privacy terms, but that’s where the app ends up being get rid of.

Intentional changes to the privacy policy

3. You can’t tell who is looking at your WhatsApp profile

WhatsApp is sure to also close the top three this year. In this article, we explained that there is no way to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile, even if rogue apps claim otherwise. You can see when a message was viewed or who viewed your status in the messaging app.

4. Crashende Apps

In March, a bug caused apps to crash for many Android users. We helped you move forward with a solution that was happily easy. As this has affected so many people, this was one of the most read articles of the last year.

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Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021 on Androidworld
Android webview update, blushing

5. Read WhatsApp messages secretly

The words “secret” and “WhatsApp” fit well together in 2021. In this article, we have discussed three different ways you can read an incoming WhatsApp message without showing it to the other person. Learn about the ‘official way’, the ‘easy way’ and the ‘deceptive way’.

6. The End of Free Photo Storage

The feast of free and unlimited photo storage is over in 2021. Google Photos will now refer users to the paid Google One service. Fortunately, there are also users who can go on for some time with the 15GB solid storage they received through their Google account.

Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021 on Androidworld
You can check the estimated duration you will get with our free 15 GB storage

7. Pay in WhatsApp

WhatsApp will inevitably have an integrated payment solution in the near future, also in the Netherlands. Meta uses its own Novi payment service for this, which works on the basis of stable cryptocurrencies. In this article we explain how this system works and tell the turbulent history of its creation.

8. 2021 Parliamentary elections

This year the Netherlands went to the polls and the rest is history. We explained how to follow polls and the latest posts using different apps.

Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021 on Androidworld

9. Malware applications

Google Play Protect is a tool that scans millions of Play Store apps every day for threats. This really works proven multiple timesHowever, sometimes malware slips through the loopholes. In April, we warned you about eight rogue apps that you should remove from your phone immediately.

10. New in Google Maps

This year saw the announcement of a lot of powerful new features for Maps. In this article we are talking about a system that reports pressure in public transport and about the new “Insight” part of the schedule. There is also a “travel” section where you can find out where you’ve stayed and restaurants you’ve eaten at.

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Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021 on Androidworld

What articles did you find interesting this year? Did a specific review article help you a lot? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article. The editors and the entire Androidworld team wish you a Happy New Year.

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