July 21, 2024

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Trailer for Camel Producer

Trailer for Camel Producer

I’m Camille

Episode 1 aired on VTM on Saturday. Episode 2 will air on VTM on Saturday, November 19.

When we attended Camille’s party at Lotto Arena last week, We wrote about it That it was a hardcore pop music show: a show that made us believe in the world of pink Barbie that the 21-year-old pop star introduced to her audience. On the heels of the all-sold-out party series, VTM is now presenting a two-part documentary about Camille. We were able to watch the first part on Saturday. It was a lot less believable than the concert. (And yes, we intentionally put quotes around the word documentary.)

Camille has been everywhere in recent months. She appeared in over a hundred summer plays, scored hits with “Vuurwerk” and “Diamant”, and was on popular VTM shows. love music And the masked singer And he launched his own collection of clothes. Many of these adventures were shown in the first episode of I’m Camille. That summer is full of shows, for example. The camera records how Camille completes four (!) shows in one day. On stage, outside the stage, greeting fans, putting on makeup in the car and going out to the next concert. Busy day, but Camille continues to smile – although the camera also records how she yawns before she has to go up on stage and how she then flops backstage in a chair, longing loudly for her bed.

The contrast with Camille saying in the next straight-faced shot that she “gets a lot of energy from fans during such a busy day” and “isn’t tired at all” was great. And it left us puzzled, because from a documentary you would at least expect an insight into the psyche of the main character? You want to take a look at her motivations and struggles. Unfortunately, we didn’t get more than a superficial look behind the scenes. Camille during the shoot, Camille romp with her dancers, Camille diaries in her Barbie pink bedroom, with plush slippers on her feet: She’d do great for a vlog, but as a documentary it was too sketchy.

From a documentary you would expect at least an insight into the psyche of the main character. Unfortunately

This image was also not clear in the figure. Sometimes we hear Camille in a voiceover, sometimes she addresses the camera directly or she is frantically interviewed by the people around her. mostly detestable At that moment, choreographer Aksana Seulmans, whom Camille apparently spontaneously asked “if she wrote that song herself,” after which Camille elaborates on her inspiration for “No More Tears.” inappropriate. Fans will likely enjoy this insight into their idol’s life. But to us, “I’m Camille” felt like a viral promotional film for Camille’s producer.

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