April 15, 2024

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Transformed Filip Joos Lukaku saw in the ordination of dreams: "You can only say Wow" |  Premier League

Transformed Filip Joos Lukaku saw in the ordination of dreams: “You can only say Wow” | Premier League

Nobody spares his praise. Romelu Lukaku made an indelible first impression on his Chelsea debut. Commentator Philip Goss sat front row in London for Lukaku: “After yesterday I no longer doubted Romelu would score at least 20. Earlier up to 30.”

Lux like trouble.

the Romans.

Luke is back.

After one match, the British tabloids managed to pull out every commendable pun for Romelu Lukaku. The striker was a scourge for Arsenal for 90 minutes – his goal after 15 minutes was the crowning glory.

Philip Goss also watched Lukaku’s show at the Emirates Stadium with wide eyes. “It was a dream come true for the first time,” says the commentator. “It took 10 minutes before Jorginho and Kovacevic dared pass the ball to Lukaku, with a man in his back. But once that happened, the fence was a long way from the dam. If Pablo Mari had fallen asleep – and that sounds powerful to me – he is without a doubt She did. She had nightmares.”

The penalty was: Lukaku did not actually adapt to Chelsea, but Chelsea did with Lukaku.

Philip Goose

Joos saw how Lukaku’s puzzle piece fit perfectly with Chelsea. “They were really good. Lukaku also said after that it’s the first time he’s playing in this kind of team. The one who has the ball doesn’t reply. And the penalty was: Lukaku didn’t actually adapt to Chelsea, but Chelsea did. To Lukaku. He took The team is really in his hands.”

English newspapers were immediately allowed to pull out Lukaku’s most creative pun.

Furthermore, Arsenal was the perfect prey for the Red Devil. “It was a boys vs. men match,” Joss said. “In 10 years we will remember Lukaku’s debut as a match at the top between Arsenal and Chelsea, but yesterday’s opponent (through injuries) was actually a side of the right-hand column in the Premier League.”

“Arsenal never managed to cut the passing streak to Lukaku. Then you actually ended up with Sambi Lukunga – you were never his strongest point. Xhaka was a tactical drama. So were 60,000 fans in the match. Oddly enough, the stadium was played in the hands of Chelsea. Coach Mikel Arteta could not bear to play wait-and-see for his fans.”

At Manchester United you no longer see the joy of playing in Lukaku, yesterday there was someone who enjoyed it.

Philip Goose

Ah, weak opponent or not: It wouldn’t make much difference with Lukaku. Most importantly, the striker has made an excellent start to his new chapter in the Premier League.

Joss believes that the Red Devil can no longer be compared to the player who left Manchester United a few years ago. “First of all, it is noticeable that Lukaku is very sharp. His attitude is completely different. At Manchester United you no longer see the joy of playing with Lukaku – he was in a toxic environment.”

“Now there was someone who enjoyed it. He greeted the Chelsea fans when they entered the stadium, and then the interviews in all languages. Romelu is a strong guest. At least 20 goals, up to 30 before.”

Next week’s clash with Van Dijk

Arsenal is no real test? Then the next weekend will follow. Then Chelsea move to Liverpool. “Van Dyck – Lukaku,” Goose inspires. “If it was an NBA game, we already knew the posters were going to be printed. I’m really looking forward to it. And Romelu too, I think. The question was asked to him after the game and you could see the excitement in his eyes.”

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