May 26, 2024

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“Transgender people are disgusting, I do not understand them”: support for Orban from the President of the Czech Republic

“If you are confronted A sex change operation You basically do Crime Hurting oneself. These people Transgender people They are really natural Disgusted For me “. Again:” I can understand K, Lesbian And so on. But do you know who I do not understand? Transgender people. ”Who would respond to a microphone like this? Prima News CNN He is the 76-year-old president of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman This, the comment suggests Hungarian law Prohibits the promotion or representation of homosexuality or gender reassignment, Attacking its critics by saying “interference in internal affairs”. In fact, if 17 countries Europeans Have already spoken openly against this arrangement, Brock Stay calm. “Victor Orban Does not claim to be against Homosexuals – Continued by Zaman -, But must be the opposite Manipulation The gods Parents And children In the case of sex education. I have no reason to agree with him because I am definitely worried suffragette, M movement and Q Pride To Prague ” Laird Sex education is not a theme for “children” Start“, But for the boys High School. He added, “If I were a little younger – he would have organized a bigger demonstration of the opposite sex Brock. We will be millions. ”

Debate on LGBT rights and in Europe – The topic has entered the discussion heavily Politics European in recent weeks. In Italy Conflict with Vatican It was challenging Agreed Criticism ddl John, mentor a Brussels The EU and its leaders took sides against the new law Parliament Hungarian forbids displaying and disseminating homosexual content to minors. Heads of state and heads of state returned to the issue at the conclusion of the Council of Europe last week, when the discussion on LGBT rights opened.

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“It’s difficult, but it’s important to talk about it,” he said Charles Michael At a press conference, he underscored the importance of the debate on “fundamental rights.” “It was a very open discussion of values, which is necessary because it is about personal identities and feelings,” the EU commission chairman explained. Ursula van der Leyen“Our values ​​- he said – are very clear, they are engraved in section 2 of the agreements and we have to live by them,” he said. It was the Dutch Prime Minister who raised the tone Mark Rutte Caller Budapest To do Kingdom United And drop 27 blocks.

Hungary He rejected the idea of ​​leaving the union and the prime minister Orban He asked the Dutch to “show more respect to the Hungarians.” The discussion marked an EU split Poland e Slovenia It has formed a square Orban. L ‘European union We must fight the “cultural” and “civilized” war to prevent the rise of liberal ideas that “threaten our values”, the French president warned Emmanuel Macron. The leader condemned the new law in the name of “human rights” and “individual liberty” and supported the plan. Brokerage To take legal action against Budapest, But “pointing the finger is wrong Orban Without reflecting the reasons that drive some countriesEastern Europe To turn democratic values ​​around. ”

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“We have to give ourselves content, perspectives and meaning Values Free, In the political sense e Philosophical Demonstrate and show our strength DemocraciesThe French president added, “This is not a departure from the laws that concern me.” It is a cultural and civil war that we must fight. ”