June 17, 2024

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Trump wants election meddling case on live TV

Trump wants election meddling case on live TV

His lawyers wrote this to the court in response to requests by TV channels to telecast the trial live. Only in this way can the American people see that this was an “unconstitutional travesty” that must not be repeated, the document says.

According to the article, President Joe Biden is trying to “illegally and unconstitutionally eliminate his main political opponent” ahead of next year’s presidential election. According to Trump’s lawyers, attorney Jack Smith knows the allegations against the former president are baseless and therefore wants to keep the case “in the dark.” “President Trump Calls for Sunshine.”

During his civil case in New York last week, it became clear why Trump, a former reality TV star, wants to appear on live television. Much to the dismay of the judge, he tried to deliver long monologues that resembled campaign speeches. Trump also hopes to win more votes this way in the courtroom in Washington.

According to The New York Times However, the chance is small Justice Tanya Sudkhan accepted the media’s request. Both the U.S. Criminal Code and the Supreme Court have banned cameras in federal courtrooms, the newspaper writes.

In September, Trump and his team tried to disqualify Judge Sutkan. He allegedly previously made negative comments about the former president that would “contaminate” the case, according to the recusal request.

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