April 16, 2024

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Tunisia turmoil, President Saeed removes ministers, suspends parliament, triggers night curfew

Parliament was suspended for 30 days, Withdrawn immunity E of its components Forced resignation Of the Prime Minister Hicchem Messichi And some of his ministers. Surprising move by the President, Kaïs Saïed, Pushes chaos into chaos Tunisia But the head of state confirms it “This is not a conspiracy.” And operated within the boundaries of the country’s constitution. Despite the decision to impose it Night curfew order Nationwide from 7pm to 6am Stop the work of government employees For two days. “I have decided to accept the executive power with the help of the head of government who will appoint me – Sachit said in a speech on state television – I have kept the decisions required for the situation as per the constitution. Tunis, Government and Tunisian people. Anyone who talks about the conspiracy has to study the constitution or go to the first year of primary school. I was patient and I struggled with the Tunisian people. ” The President did not reject the adoption Other activities He also said in his speech that he did not want more blood boils after ten years Jasmine Revolution: “Those who aim at a weapon other than justice will find a weapon, but I don’t even need a drop of blood“. Another piece of news that concerns the democratic stability of the country is coming late this morning: Saeed has done Close the local office Of Pan-Arabic TV Al-Jazeera, Is historically close Muslim Brotherhood It is affiliated with the Islamic Party என்னாதா Opposes the head of state’s moves during these hours. A decision that can mean an effort Calm the voices of criticism in Tunisia.

An action that represents one’s epilogue Durable shop It has plagued the country for months and the head of state and government have never found a meeting Administrator Restructuring Souseth did not accept last January. Then the situation became more complicated as the delegates came several times for a physical confrontation inside the classroom. So, after yesterday’s protests were organized on the web, the President decided to fix the executive with a sponge July 25 movement, On the 64th anniversary of the declaration of the Tunisian Republic, it brought hundreds of young people and activists to the streets. Activists marched in the scorching sun and 40-degree heat yesterday, chanting “People want to dissolve parliament.” A date must be set, among other demands of the movement Early elections. Deployment of Police It encircles the Parliament building and all access roads to the capital’s Central Avenue Borguba. Agents used Tear gas Some of the protesters threw objects at them and made several arrests. Conflicts have occurred in many cities, especially a Nabool, Sass, Kairovan, Sfox e Dojour.

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Following the president’s decision, the military is there Surrounded Parliament, After being denied access to the Speaker of the Legislature at night, Came to Kannouchi, Leader of the Islamic Party என்னாதா, Who presented himself in front of the entrance with the Vice President Samira Chow Sachchi, Norepinephrine Split Other representatives from the same faction and from the Islamic Alliance Al Karama. “We have not been consulted. We reject the decisions announced by Qasr Saeed. We urge national organizations and civil society to oppose them,” he said. “Parliament is not dissolved and we hope it will be in a permanent session. The head of state has misused the provisions of Section 80. What the head of state has now announced is that it can not qualify for anything other than a conspiracy. Conspiracy against the Constitution And government agencies. ”Sayyid said he had warned both the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament about the decision taken instead, but the latter replied,“ It is true that the Head of State contacted me to tell me that he would announce. EmergencyBut he did not tell me in any way that he was plotting and that he intended to turn the current democratic regime into a dictatorship and one-sided. ”

In the evening, now former Prime Minister Hichem Meccici posted a statement on his official Facebook page in which he picks up his works and announces it Accept Decisions taken by the Head of State. “I will accept my responsibilities to the person appointed by the President in accordance with the traditions of the state and wish the new government team success,” he says. “Long live Tunisia, always free and proud of its people,” he concludes.

On Monday afternoon, an official note was issued by the Tunisian Parliamentary Bureau stating that all decisions announced by the President were “null and void” because “they are unconstitutional and even Article 80 misunderstood”. Parliament, the note continues, “will be inside Permanent meeting It calls on the disciplinary forces and the military to “stand with the Tunisian people, defend the constitution, uphold the rule of law, and defend the legitimacy of the state and institutions” due to the particularly delicate situation.

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Army and police helicopters monitor the situation in the capital The uprising of the people This could lead to serious conflicts, but it is already a mystery about the fate of Prime Minister Messi, who, after the announcement of the head of state, has never been seen in public again. According to some local media, Ennada executives claim it exists Arrest status In the meantime he too Visit to Rome, Scheduled for July 28-30, skipped. The President has decided to torpedo the Minister of Defense, Brahim Berdeji, And Minister of Justice, Hasna Ben Slimane.

Something that reflects the deposit of one Distrust against Sasidhu With the intention of dismissing him. In this regard, Cannouchi called on the people, “This coup will not restore the social rights of the Tunisian people.” Demonstrate peacefully to restart democracy. The first riot has already taken place in front of the seat of the House of Representatives in Tunis. News site Tunisia Digital He reports clashes between “civilians and members of the Ennahta movement and the Al Karama Coalition” and talks about some people being injured by throwing stones. On its website, radio Mosaic FM He referred to “supporters of the attacked Ennahda” and “the intervention of the security forces in mediating with the protesters.”

Meanwhile, President Sachit showed up on the street and was Excited by the crowd. The July 25 movement, little known but still active on the web for a few weeks, is not yet clear, was it created by his leader’s supporters? In contrast, the president’s desire to change the course of the conflict with the government called on protesters to take to the streets to justify his actions. A tactic certainly facilitated Severe economic crisis Tunisia has been facing for some time, which has increased International spread, Which excited a large section of the population.

The first reaction of the parties has also come, which held summits last night to assess the situation. In addition to Ennada’s apparent contradiction, even his government ally, Culp Towns, Defining the President’s action as a “grave violation of the Constitution and the provisions of Article 80”. Downs called on the head of state to carry out his “reasonable” actions and not to create a vacancy in the presidency. Audiences are worried that Sachit has decided to accept the post Attorney General of the Republic, So can teachers Proceed with the criminal case. This would allow even the deputies to be arrested because their immunity has been snatched away. Again according to the same sources, cases related to justice are pending against Kannochi and 64 other representatives, Foreign travel banned.

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However, internationally European Commission It helps to know Palazzo Perlamont “It follows the latest developments. We urge all actors to respect the constitution, institutions and the rule of law,” said a spokesman for the EU Diplomatic Service. Nabila Masrali. “We urge everyone to remain calm, to refrain from any form of violence and to protect the stability of the country,” he concluded. When from E “We follow the news from Tunisia,” they said. We firmly believe that there is no threat to the stability and security of the people in this country, “said a Kremlin spokesman. Dmitry Peskov.

Me too ‘Italy “I urge the Tunisians to follow the evolution of the situation in Tunisia, and to evaluate the value of the decisions taken in the last few hours,” he said. Anxiety The situation and its potential implications and appeals to Tunisian companies to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and the law – reads a note Barnacina – Italy reaffirms its support for Tunisia’s political and economic stability and reaffirms its sincere closeness to the Tunisian people at a time when the country’s political and economic crisis has been exacerbated by the recent deterioration of the epidemiological structure. ” We hope the Tunisian companies and people can resolve this crisis under the democratic control of the tools at their disposal, ”he said. Luigi de Mio Speaking of the “Ponza Prima-Med” event.

L ‘Him-she-it Instead he asks to “exercise” Moderate“Stay away from violence and make sure the situation is calm.” Spokesperson Farhan Haq, In a note, later expressed “dismay” at the security forces’ raid inside headquarters Al-Jazeera Of Tunis. “We hope that all journalists, including us Al-Jazeera, Can do their job without being abused “.