March 2, 2024

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Turkey: Erdogan’s Extra Luxury Villa Released, Controversy – World

A luxury villa worth 60 million euros for the summer vacation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This was first demonstrated by the architect of the 300-room building, Sefiq Birkie It is located in Marmaris on the southern Aegean coast of Turkey. Pictures of the ‘Summer Palace’ – renamed the so-called ‘White Palace’ built by the head of state in the capital Ankara – were taken by the secular opposition newspaper Sauce.

The building was completed in 2019 and the residence is stretched About 90 thousand square meters And among other things, a beach with a swimming pool and private access to the sea, one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the country, as well as a helicopter pad.

Pictures of Erdogan’s villa are inspiring Strong criticism in public opinion, Built during the period of economic hardship and the high devaluation of the Turkish lira, and for the alleged massive deforestation of the area for the expansion of the building, the former summer residence was built on the site where the former summer residence was already located.

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