February 21, 2024

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Turns out WIAM looks like a well-known TV personality and prodigy...

Turns out WIAM looks like a well-known TV personality and prodigy…

Newcomer Gloria Monseries hasn’t made it easy for fellow candidates Jean-Marc Moema Wuyam the smartest person Tonight. The two players turned out to be evenly matched, but one had to withdraw after a tactical error. Of course there was a lot of laughs, especially when WIAM did their best friends– imitated

Desmytere Road

Last night’s winner:

The three candidates remained close to each other throughout the match, but Jean-Marc Moema finally managed to win again.


WIAM made a tactical error in the final. Had she lowered herself another six seconds, she might have stayed in the game. Now Gloria Monseries had enough of the names of the Three Wise Men to play her part in her home.

Monday’s new arrival:

Cochin Sandra Bakari.

Best quotes:

Judge Bart Kanerts about age Gloria Monseries: “Gloria, I wonder how you can focus on this. You’re doing so much, Studio Brussel, Ketnet, acting, your official party last week…”


Eric Van Lowe: “Have you ever gone back to your ex?”

Arches: “One time. I forgot my toothbrush.”


Van Loi: “How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?”

Arches: “I always go to the cemetery.”

Jennifer Helen: “Oh.”

Arches: “To pick flowers, our mother.”

The most beautiful moment:

We saw it from the first second, but it also didn’t steal the attention of viewers on social media. WIAM is somewhat similar to Janice, Chandler’s back-to-back girlfriend in Friends. Bart Kanerts also spoke about this similarity yesterday. WIAM thus completed the image by chanting the character’s motto in a sharp voice. Oh! Mine! Allah!

Pascal Brickmann seemed to lubricate his vocal cords with olive oil. © Play4

Also witty: sound engineer Pascal Brickmann who came to ask a question in a sharp voice, but after a few strong olive oil drafts it looked as if he could start introducing to Clara.

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