February 27, 2024

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Twenty notable artists pay tribute to Will Taura: “Seeing dad having fun is the best Christmas present”

Twenty notable artists pay tribute to Will Taura: “Seeing dad having fun is the best Christmas present”

Antwerp – The “Will Tura Calls” concerts will be held next Thursday and Friday at Sportpaleis. 20 artists will perform the music of the Flemish Emperor's Song. Daughter Sandy Blankart looks forward.

“Given the circumstances, Dad's doing really well,” Sandy answers our obvious opening question. Will Toura was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease earlier this year. “He is looking forward with curiosity to the two concerts next week. I am convinced that he will be happy to see 20 artists on stage, each performing a song of his own. In this way the composer and musician Will Tura is particularly honored. Clouzot, Dan, Helmut Lotte, and Natalia… .Everyone was immediately very excited to participate. It will undoubtedly be great to hear them sing Tora's songs that on the one hand stay true to the original, but also receive the artist's own interpretation. As a spectator, you can expect a very beautiful concert.

“Dad has already said goodbye to the theater himself” – his daughter Sandy Blankart

Messages that warm the heart

These two concerts are the ultimate culmination of a rich career. “My father himself has already said goodbye to the theater. “These concerts with him are a beautiful tribute,” Sandy continues. “My father has been on stage every weekend since he was 14. So it took some time for him to adjust to not having a full schedule. Naturally, fans also had to get used to the fact that there were no more shows. Mum and Dad have been so touched by the many messages and heart-warming responses they have received in recent months. They were amazed by the fact that his music meant so much to so many people. There are those who write that his songs helped them through a difficult period in life. It's also nice to see that thousands of fans want to be at next week's concerts so they can see Dad again. If I see my father enjoying all that music on those two evenings, it will be the best Christmas present for me.

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There are still a few tickets available for the December 28 concert. Tickets via www.sportpaleis.be.