April 22, 2024

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Twitter Enables Bitcoin Tipping and Researches NFT Integration – IT Pro – News

Twitter will allow users to easily add payment links to their tweets or profiles to receive tips from followers. Additionally, the platform is exploring ways to allow users to view NFTs on their profiles.

in a Articles Head of Product Development Esther Crawford writes what exactly is the purpose of the tip system on Twitter. When users have a favorite account or want to show appreciation for profile posts, the tipping system can offer a financial contribution as appreciation. The functionality will be rolled out to all users in the coming days.

When a profile activates the tipping system, a symbol will appear in the bio indicating that the account accepts tips. A total of nine payment systems can currently be linked to the Twitter system, including Patreon and GoFundMe. The transaction can be completed via any of the supported payment services within the Twitter app. Twitter writes that it does not charge transaction costs.

In addition to payment systems where you can pay in local currency, Twitter also allows bitcoin payments via Strike. If users do not want to use Strike, they can also add a Bitcoin address to their profile for direct Bitcoin payments.

In addition to enabling encrypted tipping, Twitter is also looking to see if it is possible Irreplaceable icons It can be integrated into the platform. According to Crawford, there is a growing interest in applications that use blockchain, including NFT Crawford says versus Bloomberg. Twitter wants to enable users to view the NFT on their account, as Twitter has verified that the NFT is indeed theirs.

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