May 24, 2024

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Twitter is asking dozens of employees who were mistakenly fired to return

Twitter is asking dozens of employees who were mistakenly fired to return


And Twitter is asking dozens of employees who lost their jobs on Friday, right after Elon Musk’s takeover of the company, to return. Among them are people who were accidentally fired, according to Bloomberg News. Others were fired before management realized that their work and experience were essential to building the new jobs that Musk envisioned.

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Twitter is said to have fired nearly 3,700 people via email this week. Official numbers are unknown. Several employees found that they lost their jobs after accessing email and Slack was abruptly discontinued. The sources said staff requests to return now show how fast and chaotic the process is.

Musk urges other employees to launch new jobs quickly. In some cases, employees sleep in the office to meet new deadlines.

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For example, Twitter has started introducing a new subscription system. It’s about a new version of Twitter Blue, a paid service that currently costs five dollars a month. In the new version, users pay eight dollars per month for a verification check (“blue check”) that proves they really are who they are. Many celebrities, companies, government agencies, and journalists still use this tag for free to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Twitter moved Sunday’s tag change deadline until after Tuesday’s US midterm elections, according to reports New York times. The newspaper said the decision was taken in response to concerns that the plan could be misused in the run-up to the elections.