July 24, 2024

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Two Cubans open a restaurant in Plzeň

Two Cubans open a restaurant in Plzeň

Copain Copain is the name of a brand new restaurant that opens its doors in downtown Pilsen on Monday. Managers Kevin Hoygen and Herbert Ritzen are well-known figures in the city, which already guarantees success.

Kevin Huijn has said goodbye to his previous company, the tapas restaurant Barabas, to return to the building from the early years of his career: the legendary brasserie De Schenkerij on Genutstraat. The location in the Galerie Arcade has now been extensively renovated into the new restaurant Two cups two cups. Huygen sets out on the adventure with his friend Herbert Ritzen, known as the manager of the Carrefour Market store in Bilzen.

“Copain Copain is a restaurant that mainly serves shared dishes,” Ritzen explains. “For lunch, we have a menu with full dishes, but also smaller portions to share with tablemates. This offer runs throughout the day, so we can put some classic dishes on the table again in the evening for dinner. So there are different variations possible.” “

Pilzen had been eagerly anticipating the new work for weeks. “It’s been a race against time to get everything ready, but now that the time has come, we can’t wait to get started,” the owners of the new facility said.

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