May 28, 2024

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Two doses of HPV vaccination for all ages

The Board of Health recommends that all groups be given two doses of the vaccine when vaccinating against the human papillomavirus (HPV). For the 15-plus group, this means a reduction from three to two injections. The number of injections remains the same for younger children. The Board writes this to the Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sports.

Adjusting doses of HPV vaccination

The HPV vaccination is offered through the National Immunization Program to girls and boys the year they reach the age of ten (2 shots). In addition, in the short term, a compensatory vaccination program for young women and men (three shots) will be started.

At the request of the Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sport, the Board of Health examined whether the number of injections could be reduced. The reason for this was advice from the English language Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization and the World Health Organization WHO.

2 doses

The Board has reviewed scientific data on the efficacy and effectiveness of one, two or three doses of the vaccine. The Board concludes from this that two doses are sufficient for persons aged 15 years and over: The effect of the two doses is strong and convincing enough to limit vaccination to this. For children under 15 years of age, the board advises keeping the number of injections at two.

The results of research into the effect of a single dose are still uncertain. The Board advises waiting for the results of the ongoing research on a single injection and possibly re-evaluating the vaccination schedule thereafter.

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Author: Health Council

The Health Board is an independent Dutch scientific advisory body whose mission is to advise the government and Parliament on issues in public health and healthcare research.