June 2, 2023

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Two prisoners escape with the help of a toothbrush, but are caught in a pie restaurant

The two prisoners escaped by digging a hole in the wall of their cell.©AP

In Virginia, two inmates managed to escape their cells Monday night by digging a hole with their toothbrushes. They may be arrested again on Tuesday morning, after bystanders saw them eating breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

Gene Eckmanssource: The Guardian, MetroUK

during routine counting Newport News Jail Annex In Virginia, two inmates have been found missing, according to a report from the local sheriff’s office. Guards found that John Garza, 37, and Arly Nemo, 43, had escaped from their cell through a hole in the wall. According to the researchers, the duo exploited a weakness in the structure and used “primitive tools” made of toothbrushes and metal objects to create the hole. It opened into the prison courtyard, where they climbed to their freedom through an outer wall.

However, the prisoners were not out of sight after their escape. In the morning they decided to have breakfast at a local pancake restaurant, but some obedient citizens recognized them and alerted the police. Newport News Sheriff Gabe Morgan expressed his deep gratitude. “It reinforces what we always say: If you see something say something. “

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