February 27, 2024

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U.S. Senator Bitcoin wants to switch to capital payment system

U.S. Senator Bitcoin wants to switch to capital payment system

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz wants to bring crypto payments to merchants and vendors doing business in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, according to a resolution he filed.

Bitcoin in the Capitol

The proposal stands Publicly online And anyone can read it. Resolution is different from law. Rather, you see it as a statement of ‘political authority’ or a decision taken at a meeting.

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Many congressional officials believe action needs to be taken to make crypto payments more widely available.

This is the plan that politicians are thinking of:

“The Capital Architect, the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Executive of the House of Representatives must each prepare (…) (1) agreements and enter into them. Buildings Capital must accept digital assets as a means of payment for goods, Food and vending machines; And (2) Encourage gift shops on campus to accept digital assets.

The Capitol is located in the US capital, Washington, and is the seat of the US House of Representatives. You can find the assembly here.

Capitol is home to both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, also known as the Congress.

‘Taking the Lead’

Cruise tells Breitford News about the resolution:

“By allowing my bill, restaurants, vending machines and gift shops to accept crypto payments, I will put Congress in a position to highlight this issue.”

Cruise has been in the news frequently in recent months as a lawyer for bitcoin in the United States. In his state of Texas, he is involved in the mining industry. Earlier, Cruise sought to rewrite the infrastructure bill by removing controversial areas.

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Colleague in Miami

Meanwhile, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has announced that he will pay his next salary in full in Bitcoin. She thus ‘wins’ against Cruz or, for example, Cynthia Loomis, the other two well-known bitcoin pro.

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