March 4, 2024

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Uber Eats employs 2,000 delivery robots in the US

Uber Eats employs 2,000 delivery robots in the US

In the US, food will be delivered by delivery robots. Food delivery company Uber Eats has signed a deal to employ 2,000 Serve Robot robots in various markets in the US.

Message: Robotics and Uber Technologies Service have entered into a long-term collaboration Autonomous food distribution By Driving robots will expand.


  • Start-up Serve Robotics is one of the leading companies in providing autonomy through robots. Apart from Uber Eats, they work with 7-Eleven, Walmart, Pizza Hut and many other stores and restaurants.
  • The company’s most unique serve robots are used for deliveries. They are particularly noticeable for having two large ‘eyes’ on the front, which give them a friendly, less intimidating and cute appearance.
  • In 2022, Serve and Uber launched a pilot program in West Hollywood near Los Angeles. There, less than 200 restaurants have participated in robot delivery and the reactions have been mainly positive.
  • Following that success, Uber Eats plans to further expand delivery through AI-powered robots to five other markets in the US and Canada. 2,000 servo robots will be used for this.
  • The collaboration between Serv and Uber means paying a certain amount every time after completing a delivery.

How do servo robots work?

  • Serv robots have Level 4 autonomy, meaning they can handle all aspects of driving without human intervention in most cases. In unexpected situations, such as roadworks or police tapes, they stop and request remote intervention from service supervisors. Robots can redirect themselves if they encounter obstacles. Robots can help supervisors cross the road in some cases, though they can also predict drivers’ behavior.
  • When the robots reach their destination, the person who ordered something receives a message on his smartphone with a code. To unlock this code, it must be entered into the server robot.
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See how delivery works with Servin robots here: