March 2, 2024

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Ukraine Brings Veterans, Children to US: ‘Concerns About Republican Support’

Ukraine Brings Veterans, Children to US: ‘Concerns About Republican Support’

The delegation includes members of the Ukrainian parliament, government officials, veterans and children affected by the war with Russia. The group will travel not only to Washington, but also to several – mainly Republican-leaning – US states.

It’s special that the public is coming too, says Dick Jandee, security expert at Clinkendale. “Certainly a conscious choice. Such a visit immediately takes on a completely different meaning. It shows that not only President Volodymyr Zelensky, but the entire Ukrainian society is asking for support.”

One of the aims, Ukrainians say, is to ‘build relations with the Republican Party’ media. The United States is Ukraine’s most important military ally. Since the outbreak of war, the country has donated more $75 billion For emergency help.

But political support for that bailout has been steadily eroding in America, particularly on the Republican right. Dozens of Republicans are not interested in this billion-dollar support. There is also opposition to President Biden’s plan for a $105 billion aid package, much of which ($61.4 billion) is aimed at arms and military support for Ukraine.

American reporter Eric Mouton: ”According to many Republicans, it’s too much money and too little yield. They see little progress in the war against Russia. Some think that Zelensky may start negotiating with Putin.

Concerns in Kiev

Zande wasn’t surprised that a Ukrainian delegation was passing through. “There are concerns in Kyiv about US support for Ukraine, especially given the upcoming elections.”

Americans will again elect a new president in November next year. It looks like it will be another battle between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Trump is currently leading the polls the head.

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“It might be a year away, but I can imagine Zelensky is already worried about it,” Zandee says. “Some of Trump’s statements are very disturbing. According to him, not only is he reconsidering his support for Ukraine, but he has also expressed doubts about whether the US has a future in NATO. That would be bad news for Zelensky, who wants NATO membership and can use allies like the US for that purpose.”

Enough support for now

At the moment, a majority of Republicans favor continued support for Ukraine. Zandee: “But the fear is that group will get smaller if Trump is re-elected.”

Moudan also expects financial aid to Ukraine to be approved by now. “But in a few months, the current support package will end again and new negotiations will have to take place. If Trump comes to power, you cannot assume that billions in aid to Ukraine will continue. And the war is not over yet.”