April 17, 2024

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Ukraine.  Denmark donates all its artillery to Ukraine and asks others to do the same

Ukraine. Denmark donates all its artillery to Ukraine and asks others to do the same

Many government leaders have now responded to the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Overview of the latest responses:

• Russian President Vladimir Putin must be held accountable for his crimes. This is what Ukrainian President Zelensky said. “It is clear to me that Alexei Navalny was killed, like thousands of others who were tortured to death because of one person, Putin,” Zelensky said. “He doesn't care who dies as long as he keeps his position.”

• US Vice President Kamala Harris also responded to Navalny's death. Harris says Navalny's death will be another sign of Russian President Vladimir Putin's brutality. The United States is currently working to confirm the death of the Russian opposition leader.

AFP – US Vice President Kamala Harris is currently in Munich (Germany) to attend a security conference.

• White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan called it a “terrible tragedy.” “Given the Russian government’s long and sordid history of victimizing its opponents, this raises questions about what really happened here.”

• German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: “I met Navalny here in Berlin when he was trying to recover from the poisoning attack in Germany and I also spoke to him about the great courage required to return to his country.” “He may now have paid with his life for this courage.”

• David Cameron, British Foreign Secretary, says Putin should be held responsible for Navalny's death. “There must be consequences because I have no doubt that this man was a brave fighter against corruption and for justice and democracy,” he added.

Via Reuters – French President Emmanuel Macron.

• French President Emmanuel Macron feels “angry and angry.” The Kremlin critic praises X for his courage and dedication. The French President's hearts are with Navalny's family and with the Russian people.

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• The Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, who focuses on human rights, is “shocked and outraged” by Navalny’s death. “Russian authorities must immediately conduct a comprehensive investigation and make the results available to the general public, as required by international obligations,” Secretary General Marija Pejcinovic Buric wrote in a press statement. He added: “Unfortunately, previous calls by the Council of Europe for his release based on the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights were ignored.”