June 5, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Ukrainian President Zelensky continues his European tour: after visiting Italy and Germany, he returns to Paris

While Zelensky continues his European tour, the battle in Ukraine continues unabated. Yesterday, at the start of the Eurovision Song Contest, missiles were fired at the Ukrainian city of Ternopil, home of the Ukrainian candidates for Eurovision.

Today, the Russians themselves announced that two commanders of the Russian army had been killed at the front. Moscow does not often talk about losses in the “special military operation” in neighboring Ukraine.

“Two colonels were heroically killed in Ukraine,” a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry told a daily briefing. These are Vyacheslav Makarov, commander of the 4th motorized rifle brigade, and Yevgeny Brovko, deputy corps commander responsible for “military-political activities”.

According to the spokesman, Makarov with his men repulsed “two enemy attacks” before being “severely wounded and died during his evacuation from the battlefield”. Brovko was said to have died on the Ukrainian front “after being hit by several shrapnel”.

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