May 26, 2024

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Understanding The Risk And Benefits Of Marijuana For Your Health

Long relegated to federal lists as a controlled substance, cannabis has seen increasingly relaxed legislation in recent years, with many countries across the world decriminalizing the production and sale of cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. Recreational users have enjoyed the ability to grow cannabis with legally-purchased seeds from retailers like Zamnesia. For exclusively medicinal use, softening attitudes have welcomed new research into the health and wellness benefits marijuana products can provide, bolstering the now booming CBD market. With so many people interacting with cannabis-derived products, many are curious about the benefits this plant can afford to its users.

Following the report, there is an increase in the study about cannabis and its effects. Some claims may be uncertain due to the minimum numbers of research up to this day. But the current results are enough for the supporters to promote its usage.

But does this plant hold real medical benefits as advertised? Or is it a case of misrepresenting drugs with placebo effects? There are so many other questions about cannabis and its usage. And now is the time to get to know more about the plant.

The Growing Popularity

The plant has always been a popular one all over the world. Many artists often thank cannabis as the inspiration behind their works. But without their endorsement, the marijuana plant is already popular enough.

There are only a couple of cities and states in the world that take selling and possessing marijuana as legal. The most popular one would be Amsterdam in the Netherland. You can come to a coffeehouse in Amsterdam to smoke some cannabis (read more). They also allow a maximum of 5g possession for recreational use.

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Cannabis has more than a hundred substances. From those two components, the most prominent ones are CBD or Cannabinoid and THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD is a substance that can help to alleviate your pain. And THC is the one responsible for getting high.

Most medical marijuana that you can find in the dispensaries is high on the CBD level. Therefore, the users hardly report any issue of being impaired.

These favorable reports help more states on passing the bills on marijuana use. With the laws that exist to regulate the market and consumption, the dispensaries are thriving hard to comply with the regulations. Before releasing a strain for public use, the plant has to go through a series of tests to know the CBD and THC levels. They have to make sure that the cannabinoid is safe to use. The tests are also to guide the dispensaries in giving recommendations.

Medical marijuana also comes in many forms. There are brands such as Cheefbotanicals that provide topical and gummy CBD for people who can’t take a joint or prefer an alternative usage. Again, understand that each person is different even though you know someone who has been taking blunts to alleviate their pain from chemotherapy. It doesn’t mean that the blunt will work for you in the same way for them.

A Lot Of Medical Benefits

The main benefit of cannabinoids is the ability to alleviate pain. That is why many people have cannabis prescribed as a painkiller. However, it doesn’t work the same way as any regular painkillers.

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Perhaps the aptest definition is that cannabinoids levels in cannabis can regulate pain management in your body. That will explain the different effects that each strain has.

Most users who choose medical marijuana can’t take regular painkillers due to conflicting medical situations such as kidney failure and GERD. They also can’t take opium. Either from fear that they will be addicted and financial issues since opiates can be expensive.

Reports stating that marijuana can help people dealing with insomnia and anxiety. People who are suffering from PTSD also mention how the plant helps them to calm down.

Some Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients also reporting massive improvements in handling tremors after using medical marijuana. Other patients with serious health issues such as epilepsy echo this sentiment (link:

Before buying, there are several important notes for you. The first is to watch for the CBD level on each strain to know that it works. Also, each brand and strain are unique. If you are familiar with a strain and want to try another, you need to take the lowest dosage to make a clear comparison.

Legal Issues And Some Other Risks

Compared to other drugs, cannabis may be the most controversial one. It’s a schedule 1 illegal substance in federal law. This means that the drug is dangerous enough and has a high probability of causing addiction. However, 29 states and the District of Columbia passed the law stating that it is legal to possess marijuana for health and recreational usage.

There are also risks and side effects from regularly taking cannabis. If you’re not careful and regulate the consumption, you are prone to side effects.

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Some of the side effects include but are not limited to depressions, lung health, impairment, and poisoning. That is why it is best to have a thorough talk with a doctor to figure out the best dosage and type of consumption.

Although rare, there is still a chance of addiction. And eventually, lead to other health and legal issues such as DUI and other crimes. Consuming cannabis for health reasons means that there will come a time the usual dosage becomes redundant. And you are forced to add the dosage or seek other alternatives.

It’s important to note that low risk doesn’t mean that there is no risk at all. That is the case with consuming medical marijuana. Be aware of all the possibilities that can happen to you. It is best to keep an eye out on how you store and consume the medicine. In the end, you are the one who understands how to keep it beneficial for yourself and your loved ones.