April 21, 2024

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United States registered trademark of Scotch Whisky

United States registered trademark of Scotch Whisky

Scotch whiskey is now gaining more protection in the American market. The name Scotch Whiskey is now registered as a recognized trademark in the United States. This was reported by the Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA).

The Scotch Whiskey Makers Mention an important step. America is the largest market for this drink in the world. Imports of Scotch whiskey into the US market are said to have been worth nearly £800 million last year.

Scotch whiskey already enjoys the protection of the federal code in the United States, but according to producers, with the recognition of the trademark, it can be even better protected against counterfeit products that want to pass themselves off as Scotch whiskey in the US market. .

Billion pounds

Scotch whiskey exports generated revenue of over £4.5 billion last year. Three years ago, the US became the first export market to bring in more than £1 billion of Scotch whiskey a year.

However, under the influence of the corona epidemic, a relapse had to be recorded later. This situation worsened during the eighteen months of Scotch whiskey in America. with 25 percent import duty faced This would cost Scotch whiskey exports £500 million in lost revenue.

However, last year, exports of Scotch whiskey to the US rebounded. Also, compared to last year, 790 million pounds, up 8 percent are reported. Last year, four bottles of Scotch whiskey were imported into the US market every second.

The Scottish Whiskey Association describes the US trademark registration as a signal of producers’ commitment to expanding their market presence in the US.

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The federation adds that such legal protection is vital to the export success of the industry. The Scotch whiskey brand now enjoys legal protection in over a hundred different countries around the world.

to believe

“The registration of Scotch whiskey as a trade mark in the US represents an important milestone for our industry,” said Mark Kent, chief executive of the Scotch Whiskey Association, commenting on the registration.

“Registration will give Scotch whiskey greater legal protection and give the industry more opportunities to take action against parties seeking to make an unfair profit at the expense of the heritage, craft and quality of genuine Scotch whisky.”

To be sold as Scotch whiskey in the United States, the drink must be sold in Scotland. Traditionally established methods have been produced. According to Kent, the trademark should reinforce American consumers’ confidence in the product. Whiskey is the biggest export of British food and drink production.