June 14, 2024

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United States: Tesla sales approaching on BMW and Lexus; Mercedes-Benz has already gone to the ax

In the United States, Tesla is gradually catching up with the biggest brands in the luxury car market. Tesla, the maker of electric cars, is already more popular with American car drivers than its German rival, Mercedes-Benz. This is according to the report of Analyst Experian.

Tesla is still clearly behind the absolute top leaders in the US luxury market, but points out that the Experian gap is narrowing.

Rapid progress

Calculated during the Experian Tesla The first three quarters of this year It has sold 230,855 cars in the United States. With this, Tesla has captured the third place in the US market for luxury cars owned by Mercedes Benz so far.

Mercedes-Benz realized In the first nine months of this year 213,708 copies sold in the US. BMW is the absolute market leader with Lexus sales of 245,864 units, selling 259,237 vehicles to US customers in the first three quarters of this year.

However, the Experian notes that Tesla is making rapid improvements and emphasizing the distance to BMW and Lexus.

Researchers point out that Tesla was already the most popular car brand in the US luxury market in September. Tesla sold 36,690 units in the United States that month, up from 22,990 units for BMW and 22,908 units for Lexus.

“In June, Tesla still had more than 40,000 units, more than the leading BMW in US sales,” the researchers point out. “However, in September, that backlog was already reduced to 28,382 units.”

Supply chain

“Obviously, the situation in the global automotive market is not normal at present,” say analysts. “Car companies around the world have their own production Due to the lack of semiconductors And other supply chain issues were greatly reduced. So it is unclear whether Tesla has overtaken Mercedes-Benz temporarily or permanently.

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When looking at global sales, Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW More significant presence than Tesla. Each of the German brands sold more than two million cars worldwide last year. Tesla, on the other hand, was slightly below the 500,000 mark.

“But Tesla sales are growing rapidly,” the researchers point out. “Production is growing and demand for zero-emission cars is growing strongly globally. The U.S. manufacturer is on track to sell nearly a million vehicles this year.

“It’s a great achievement for a company that sold only one tenth of that volume four years ago. Current trends suggest that Tesla may abandon German luxury brands by the end of this decade.