February 5, 2023

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Ron Bavelaar en burgemeester Marco Out ondertekenen het contract voor de opvang van vluchtelingen

Univé Assen wants to have ready-made real estate for Ukrainians within a month

Refugees from Ukraine may sleep under the roof of the Asser regime before June. Univé prepares 140 sleeping places, without earning a penny from them. Mayor Marco Ott is happy with the insurance company’s gesture.

Ron Bavelard said the cooperation between Univé and the municipality came spontaneously. The Univé board chair says the municipality has been contacted directly to indicate space is available. “Fortunately, there is a lot of support for this among the staff. Nice to see that.”

Reception of refugees in the university building is lifted from the hands of the municipality of Assen. “Housing is the biggest challenge,” says Out. “When all the sites are ready, we will receive 650 refugees in Assen. That is why we are very happy with Univé. Finding places remains a priority.”

The co-op may have the space, but the necessary alterations to the building still have to be made. The profiles of the rooms are already ready, but we are still waiting for the material. “We are now coordinating the renewal with the municipality of Essen,” says Bavelar. “We immediately said we would arrange it.”

In addition, Univé already had some space left. “In addition, we have cleared three more floors. That means we will be more compact, but it is possible.”

“The university is definitely ready,” Bavelar says. “We have the space and the resources.” There is great hope that the first refugees will move into the building on rue Jan Pomerstraat in Essen at the end of May.

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