June 21, 2024

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Unizo is calling for the creation of a new gold cross to take traders more into consideration

Unizo is calling for the creation of a new gold cross to take traders more into consideration

At the end of August, the House of Representatives announced preliminary plans to create a renovated golden intersection in the center of Heist-op-den-Berg, which should look more like a golden square. Trade organization Unizo is now putting a variable on the table, without going to the city council.

Unizo says the plans must take into account accessibility to the academy, the businesses at the catering intersection, the 150 traders on the adjacent Bergstraat and their visitors. “Customers and visitors to the center will look for other solutions once commuting to the center becomes too difficult. Olen Shopping, Wijnegem Shopping and Malinas will be very happy to acquire Bergstraat customers,” says Chairman of the Board of Management Geert Verkamen.

“Kissing and riding at the front of the academy is not an unnecessary luxury. For drastic measures such as cutting God’s stick, it is better to wait until the new traffic in and around the center as well as the impact of the ring road becomes clear. A temporary traffic filter seems to be the best solution, in times when The arena must be closed during events, for example.”

Uphill. Photo: JDW

But the biggest comment concerns Barjoub, which will be redesigned according to current plans at a bend in front of the tower building. “The redesign of the Old God and the tower building space is really urgent. The Old God has a lot of green space, priority for cyclists, but possibly a lane for traffic. It is an excellent moment to delete the Bergop and integrate the tower building as an experiential aspect of the new square. It is also A long-term opportunity to connect the green spaces of the mountain via the new square with the Torfs Family Park and even with the green area of ​​the Hof van Riemen,” suggests Unizo.

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Initial plans with the curve in front of the tower building
Initial plans with the curve in front of the tower building. Photo: local government Heist-op-den-Berg

not necessary

“We note in the plans that a new turning point is being created in front of the tower building. However, Kirkplein Square can be reached via three other access roads, and the fourth access via Bergup by car is, in our opinion, completely unnecessary. The construction would mean a huge additional cost and would isolate the building.” The tower. The municipal building will later move to a new administrative center.

Unizo is also looking to take the subsequent redevelopment of the Bergstraat itself a step further. “When redesigning the Oude God and the Golden Square, it is best to ensure that the furniture is compatible with the new Bergstraat, so that the center can form a complete whole,” Vercammen concludes.