June 9, 2023

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Up to € 197: that’s how much you’ll save with the energy contract without these – possibly – unnecessary services | MyGuide

Mine energyAnyone looking for a new energy contract will notice that suppliers offer different formulas that follow the same wholesale exchange. However, the price difference lies in the customer service. With a contract with online-only services, you can quickly save a lot of euros on an annual basis compared to a contract that also provides access by phone and mail. Mijnenergie.be Investigate how large these differences are among the five major energy players.

By Kurt DiMahn, in association with Mijnenergie

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12-05-23, 15:22


Confirmation of online service

Energy suppliers are increasingly focusing their services on the Internet. They have lines of communication via contact form, email, chat and maybe WhatsApp or Messenger. In this way they try to relieve as much as possible from the overcrowded call centers. Invoicing is also done by e-mail max to reduce costly and time consuming mailings.

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Price difference for each power supply

To incentivize digital service selection, suppliers often offer cheaper contracts. This is evidenced by the analysis of the five energy players with the largest market share.

• bee Engy You pay €2,774.28 to combine electricity and natural gas via the direct variable contract format. Customer service is only available online and invoices are issued exclusively by email.

With Easy Variable, you pay 2967.84 euros. You can then contact customer service by phone and can choose to receive invoices by mail. The difference on an annual basis: 196.56 euros.

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• Luminous Essential offers a full online services contract format. Because the variable indexing coefficient differs from tariff equations with telephone customer service, it is difficult to say the exact benefit.

With Comfy, Comfyflex, and Comfy+ rates, you enjoy a 5% discount after the first twelve months of the contract when you pay by direct debit.

• Eneco Offers a single rate formula for both fixed and variable contracts.

Are you looking for a guarantee for a permanent power contract? With the arrival of Eneco, there are now again four players offering this.

• Total energy Distinguish between Pixel and Pixel Blue. Pixel is a 100% digital service, while in Pixel Blue with Belgian Wind you can rely on telephone advice and a choice of billing method. In addition, with Pixel Blue, you enjoy permanent discounts on boiler maintenance, charging station installation and solar panels.

The Pixel’s annual estimated cost is €2,512.56, compared to €2,624.40 with the Pixel Blue. The difference on an annual basis: 111.84 euros.

• Mega Offers two variable rate formats. We zoom online and smart. Online, as the name suggests, is focused on the online customer. You manage your contract exclusively online and receive the invoice every three months via email. The combination of electricity and natural gas will cost you 2,713.91 euros with an average consumption.

If you choose Cozy, you will receive phone support and receive your monthly invoices via email. With €2,807.34, this option will cost you a total of €93.43 extra on an annual basis.

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