May 30, 2024

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Ural does not let the grass grow after the A320 accident

Ural does not let the grass grow after the A320 accident

A recently published report showed that the performance of the pilots of the Ural Airlines Airbus A320 that made an emergency landing in a wheat field was substandard.

Rosaviatsia's report, check it out AV Herald, that the standard of the pilots was “unsatisfactory” because, among other things, they did not have sufficient knowledge of the systems. During the approach to Omsk, the A320 experienced hydraulic problems. The system to which it was linked Paintings, is no longer working properly. This made it more difficult for the plane to brake. It was decided to transfer to Novosibirsk, because there is an airport with qualified maintenance. Eventually, the A320 ran out of fuel. The report found that the pilots incorrectly calculated the amount of kerosene required. The plane is said to have run out of fuel by 5.6 tons.

Landing gear

Additionally, the report described the A320 pilots' performance as “disorganized and inconsistent” as they failed to notice that the landing gear was not retracted even though sensors indicated it was extended. Rosaviatsia was also dissatisfied with the interaction during the emergency between the flight crew and the aircraft cabin crew.


Ural Airlines managers are also asked about the situation that has arisen. Two of them were dismissed due to “deficiencies in ensuring aviation safety, organizing operations and professional training of flight crews.” This would underlie the lack of knowledge among A320 pilots.