April 21, 2024

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US: "China bans purchase of US-made aircraft" |  Abroad

US: “China bans purchase of US-made aircraft” | Abroad

China does not allow US airlines to buy billions of dollars worth of aircraft. U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo made the accusation. According to him, Beijing did not honor promises to buy US goods as part of the 2020 trade deal. The deal was signed with a previous administration led by Donald Trump.

According to Raymondo, the Chinese must abide by the treaties. “Chinese airlines want to buy billions of dollars worth of aircraft, but the Chinese government is blocking it,” he said.

Dave Calhoun, president of US aircraft manufacturer Boeing, called on the United States in March to separate human rights and other disputes from trade relations with Beijing. “You can’t disconnect us from that market,” he said at the time.

Boeing last week raised its forecast for aircraft demand from China for the next 20 years. In doing so, the group relies on rapid economic recovery in the country after the crisis, the future growth of price fighters and the advancement of e-commerce. According to Boeing, Chinese airlines will need 8,700 new aircraft by 2040. Based on list prices, these would be worth about $ 1.5 trillion or about $ 1.3 trillion. China holds a quarter of Boeing orders.

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