July 21, 2024

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US Democrats control the Senate  Abroad

US Democrats control the Senate Abroad

In the US, the Democrats will retain their narrow majority in the Senate until 2024, according to US media. After all, they report that US President Joe Biden’s party won the midterms in Nevada and Arizona. Democrats retain 50 seats in the Senate. Republicans have 49. Only one seat will be decided in December.

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Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a former prosecutor and attorney general, is projected to defeat Republican Adam Laxalt. Former Nevada Attorney General Cortez Masto criticized his rival, Laxalt, for his conservative stance on abortion rights and his denial of Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential race. They were sent home by the voter.

In Arizona, Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, a former astronaut and husband of ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, is expected to defeat Republican Blake Masters, a venture capitalist backed by Trump.

The Georgia race between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker moves to a runoff in December after neither candidate cleared the 50 percent threshold Tuesday.

Mark Kelly, former astronaut and senator from Arizona. © AFP

However, if the votes are split evenly, it is already certain that the Democrats will retain their majority in the Senate, as Vice President Kamala Harris has a casting vote.

Securing seats

So far, only one Senate seat has changed hands in the 2022 midterms: Democrat John Fetterman, who campaigned in May while recovering from a stroke, defeated Republican Mehmet Oz, a prominent physician backed by former President Donald Trump, in Pennsylvania.

Republicans retained their seats in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin, while Democrats retained their seats in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire.


Democrats retaining control of the Senate means they can confirm Biden’s nominations of judges, ambassadors and government officials. That would help avoid scenarios like the one former President Barack Obama faced in 2016, when Senate President Mitch McConnell, a Republican, refused to vote for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Additionally, Democrats can reject bills from the House of Representatives — where Republicans hold a majority — and set their own agenda.

On the other hand, Republicans appear to be able to secure a majority in the House of Representatives, which they will use to launch several congressional investigations into Joe Biden’s administration or his closest associates.

Biden: “Unbelievably happy”

US President Joe Biden is “incredibly pleased” with the midterm election results. The US president said the surprise Democratic victory in the midterm elections had put Biden in a strong position to enter into crucial talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “I know I will come back stronger,” Biden said in Phnom Penh, where he was attending a summit on East Asia. “I feel great and I’m looking forward to the next two years,” Biden said.

“This election is a victory and a vindication,” Democratic Senate President Chuck Schumer said at a press conference in New York on Saturday night. In Catherine Cortez Masto’s victory, she confirms that her party is on the right track and that voters do not ultimately feel like extremist, pro-Trump candidates.

Biden Responds to Midterm Election Results: “Clear Signal That People Want to Protect Democracy”

Analysis. Now that lie is no longer working, Donald Trump’s political demise seems imminent (+)

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