April 21, 2024

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US eases isolation rules as Omigron numbers skyrocket: "Isolation for five days, not ten"

US eases isolation rules as Omigron numbers skyrocket: “Isolation for five days, not ten”

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In the United States, isolation measures for corona virus victims have been relaxed. Anyone who does a positive test should no longer be alone for ten days but only for five days. This was announced by the US Health Service CDC. Other rules also apply to those who have already received a booster shot.

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With the Omigran variant advancing and the number of daily infections – as in many other countries – rising, the U.S. Health Service has decided to relax isolated rules. Duration halved: Anyone who tests positive for the corona virus and does not show any signs of illness can go out after five days. A significant change.

“The Omigran variant is spreading rapidly and has the potential to affect all aspects of our community,” said Dr. Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “This adjustment will ensure that people can continue their daily lives safely.”

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Omikron hospital statistics did not increase rapidly, but the pressure was too high. And due to the high dropout rate among health workers. Earlier, the New York governor wanted to tinker with the mandatory backup period For those who work in the essential industry. For example, health workers can return to work after five days. Now the CDC is following that logic too, because “people are very contagious in the first two to three days”.

The initial sleep of isolation is subject to certain conditions: the infected person may not show any other signs of fever or illness and may simply wear a mouth mask. Those who have already received a booster against the corona virus have a relaxation: after high-risk contact, isolation is no longer necessary, but the mouth mask should still be worn for ten days.

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The widespread omigron variant causes failure in other fields as well. According to the surveillance website Flightaware, airlines had to cancel more than 2,100 flights because pilots, flight attendants and other staff fell ill or were isolated after the corona impact. Carriers with major problems include Lufthansa, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

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Biological statistician Kirt Molenberg has previously said that reducing isolation in essential industries is a good thing to consider. According to the professor, this is not an option for Delta. Due to the long-term infection, the isolation rules have been extended. “But Omigron has a lot of speed. For an individual, an infection can end quickly.