April 16, 2024

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US justice demands access to Trump documents |  Abroad

US justice demands access to Trump documents | Abroad

The US Department of Justice wants to appeal through appeal over the possibility of resuming the FBI’s investigation into classified documents found during a search of former President Donald Trump’s home.

The FBI found more than 11,000 government documents during a search of Trump’s Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, in early August. The department is investigating, among other things, whether classified papers were withheld and whether there were attempts to thwart a federal investigation.

Earlier this week, at Trump’s request, an independent arbitrator (Special Master) was appointed by a judge to examine materials found during the searches. According to the former president, the FBI investigation is politically motivated and a third party is needed to closely examine the documents.

secret information

The judge who appointed the arbitrator ruled that the FBI cannot immediately continue its investigation into classified documents found at Trump’s home. This was requested by the Justice Department, after Trump urged the judge to suspend the criminal investigation pending an arbitrator. The judiciary is now trying to access about 100 seized files containing confidential information through an appeal.

Executive Franchise

The Justice Department previously strongly opposed Trump’s request to appoint an independent arbitrator. This arbitrator, former Justice Raymond Deere, was given the power to withhold documents found from the government due, for example, to the so-called executive privilege (executive privilege).

This privilege is a legal doctrine that protects certain communications from the White House. The department believes that Trump cannot claim an executive privilege because the documents are not his property, they are government property.

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